Activision has finally updated the MW3 Elite Content Calendar to reflect what to expect for the final months of the content season:

  • July: 2 MP Maps; 1 Spec Ops Mission [August for PS3]
  • August: 2 Special Ops Missions, 1 Classified [September for PS3]
  • September: 3 Multiplayer Maps [October for PS3] 
UPADTE: July’s content drops will be revealed next week, according to Mark Rubin:


  • Vordb

    And before anyone asks, Rust and Shipment are still on the “wishlist” of maps that could possibly come back, but are not currently in development, and if any more COD4/MW2 throwback maps are released, they will not be included as part of the Elite “Content Season.”

  • Joe

    Kind of bummed out. This means there really weren’t a lot of MP maps for MW3.
    Black ops had 12 not including the zombie DLC. I was hoping for something massive for MW3 like 5+. (I’m not counting terminal or face-off maps)

    • Joe


    • Bobshi

      MW3 will have 12, too. Along with 7 Face Off maps. Pretty good value in the end, just been a bit poor in the order of content, too much of one thing at once meaning some months you have nothing new to play. For example August – I have no interest in Spec Ops.

      1. Liberation
      2. Piazza
      3. Overwatch
      4. Black Box
      5. Sanctuary
      6. Foundation
      7. Oasis
      8. July
      9. July
      10. September
      11. September
      12. September

      I’m just a bit disappointed there will be 3 MP maps to finish it off – as it won’t come to PS3 until October and then it is just a month until Black Ops 2.

  • Abeeson20

    Wasn’t there a tweet that indicated there would be a MP map in every remaining drop? If my memory is correct then we should see another MP map as the classified drop in August.

    • No, the tweet just indicated that there will be no more Face-off maps.

  • lMattW

    The classified item really should be a map; if it isn’t they’re going to get some serious blowback from doing a whole month’s drop without multiplayer material.

  • Chris

    So…. no singleplayer DLC?

  • Korflock

    TU 1.17 for PS3 added TONS of LAG.

  • Mariofan48

    i hope august is all Special Ops missions, because i’m getting tired of the Multiplayer, when i wanna play Call of Duty multiplayer, i’ll just play Black Ops or Face off in MW3

  • timpan_99

    quick heads up, Mark Rubin has confirmed that the drops come this thursday.

  • Kidmetal86

    Here’s the thing I bought this elite because I was told we would get the ak74u and if this classifed in aug isn’t the ak its bs and really who kares about the faceoff maps it was a complete waste of money and I won’t b buying elite ever again idk if I’m even gonna bother buyin black ops definitly not gonna pre order it sure I want play nuketown 2025 but itz not worth it because every year it gets a little worse really how long kan the call of duty fanchise rule the multiplayer I think its on the way out they don’t actually do as the “fans” want

  • Jbellville08

    I want to see all maps and guns from modern warfare in this(MW3) if its the last modern warfare game. How epic would that be!!!!

    • Jbellville08

      i meant all modern warfare titles

  • Dust

    WOW more spacial ops missions! Are they F***ing retarted!? No one wants special ops missions every realease, we want mp maps! Why dont they understand that!

  • Shit

    Useless info