Activision has recently revealed to Yahoo games that Kamar De Los Reyes is the voice and face behind Black Ops 2’s new antagonist “Raul Menendez”.

The longtime character actor is best known for a 14-year recurring role on the daytime soap “One Life to Live,” a far cry from Black Ops 2’s futuristic battlefields. While he’s already enjoyed some solid success with roles in “Nixon” and “Salt” (he was even named one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful back in 1997), playing the antagonist in what could well become the best-selling video game ever is likely a game-changer.

SOURCE: Via @_N7_

  • wait wait wait! So Menendez is doing a Michael Jackson, going from Black to White?

    • ItsxF

      you confuse Menendez and Commander Briggs…

      • Neutral

        And thats Mexican not Caucasian….

        • guest

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    • Ll3

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    Umm charlieintel ur app is going to need a update cause I saw some new vehicles in the new villian trailer of black ops 2 I forgot about if new weapons though. And one more thing those helicopters in the new villian trialer might be the one we use for the new game type in multiplayer.