In the newest Black Ops 2 trailer there is an image of a YouTube channel ‘Cordis Die’. Now that channel has gone live with a sound clip. The sound clip says,”Come my friends…..It’s not to late to seek a newer world.”

‘Cordis Die’ is Latin and translates into ‘The Heart’.

SOURCE: cordisdie YouTube Channel

  • Keith

    Cordis Die translate into Latin as “The Heart”

  • Soul of war
  • Death Jay Of EK

    Woods And Mason Are The Cordis die Crew

  • lollikilla

    Cordis die in latin is not,the heart but the day of the heart

  • Cordis_Die

    “Come my friends…Tis not to late to seek a new world, We shall rise in a noble cause, The heart. Shall Rise Again, Those who Choose to not surrender, Will soon parish…@Cordis Die 2013