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Two new images from CallofDuty.com/classified have been unlocked today. These two images appear after a random tweet from @Treyarch stating, “Soon, you shall meet the man that stole the keys…”

SOURCE: CallofDuty.com


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  • .poop

  • That’s Raul Menendez

  • Lonewolfhowl100

    its reznov


    If u hav a up to date phone like a touchscreen tilt it to to the side and click the pictures to enlargen it shouldnt hav those lines on the picture

  • uNkMyJuNk
  • Elsamufunny

    like por angel y sus noticias

  • Miguel Torres92

    Its reznov

    • Ll3

      its not. read the tweet. its the main bad guy. raul menendez

  • Someone…?

    don’t know the guy’s name which is on some official gameplay, maybe it’s an anagram for viktor reznov or something(just guessing)? Besides i don’t think they look the exact same +reznov would be really old in 2025 so im a bit lost for this picture, the ‘keys’ picture looks like a christian cross a heart but that’s all i can see

  • BOB

    It’s obviously that Raul menendez guy that they have been talking about. He is supposedly the person who hacks and takes control of the drones, which sparks a “resource war” with china. Why is treyarch building this up as if we don’t already know the back story to the campaign?

  • CoDBlackOps2Zone


  • timpan_99

    That´s Raul Menendez I believe.
    I can´t be Reznov cause he is over like 110 years now.
    And the tweet makes me think even MORE that it IS Menendez,
    The main villain of Black ops 2!

    • OnThEdGe1337

      I think you are on to something.

  • Col Ad

    prefiero ver las armas del juego que es lo que me interesa se parece a reznov el malo xd

  • Tekkai

    2 pictures from the campaign, I m so excited! …

  • Shan

    I can see all the kids say this is reznov just like the whole ghost and gaz thing. It could be voiced by Gary old man tho

  • azdfvzv

    angel dinosaurio ha estado aqui

  • JigZaw__

    could be the main baddy in Bo2 allthough it kinda looks like hudson

  • BOB

    It’s Raul menendez for the last time. Your fanboy dreams of Reznov are clouding your minds….jeez

  • Escou98


  • Carpione1

    el puto gordo vaya mierda de fotos nos anuncia para qe nos metamos a ver el video i qe cobre para ir a comprarse hamburguesas, la puta foca qe lo pario madre mia q asco de persona

  • Transformers2fan

    what if raul menedez was the son of reznov? 😮

    • Ll3

      raul menendez is a little bit Latina or Arabian to me