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With hi-res theater mode images still DOWN in Call of Duty ELiTE, Alex was nice enough to capture some images for us with his PVR.

SOURCE: @FamousIsLive

  • Bobshi

    Decommission reminds me of Silo from BO, dunno why, it’s not much alike, maybe the colour scheme.

    • Most likely the color palette indeed. It has the same feel to it.

  • GromBloodboy

    It all looks pretty grey. Nuketown sort of spoiled the “grey” map scheme because we know they will do interesting looking maps.

  • Joe

    Keshav, Victor, just wanted to give a little heads up – a C.I. Member is seen in Ali-A’s (Matriox) video of Terminal!


  • Deathjr96

    Can you play survival mode on Terminal? Cause that would kick ass