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Indianapolis Colts superstar and CoD fan Dwight Freeney stops by Treyarch Studios for a behind-the-scenes look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 from Studio Head Mark Lamia, Weapon Artist Mark Manto, Lead Designer Chris Cowell and Audio Director Brian Tuey.

Also, any guesses as to what this is? Tipter @ChristianTHeen seems to believe this might be a our first look at the create-a-class menu but we have some doubts since the image is so blurry. You decide..

SOURCE: @ChristianTHeen

  • Lane Scott

    I think its a black man?

  • Repleteorb2

    looks like MW3 create-a-class to me

  • Oldnrusty22

    Probably is the new create-a-class, looks cool

  • Rafi

    it looks kinda like gun stats

  • remember a while back when the leak came out about a point system? well he mentioned a bar on top of the screen that showed how many points you had left when picking items for you class. the image is a little blurry but you can see a yellow bar on the stop of the screen. so i could think its the create a class menu. from what i see it looks pretty cool though.

  • Alex mason

    Eh it could also be nothing just debug stuff

  • P Tsoraidis

    i could just see now people making the most over powered classes

  • Tekkai

    It’s hard to say, but the only thing I’ve noticed was that there is no gun recoil at all…Otherwise this game look sick (I hope so)

  • Hi Victor. just go to 01:54 in the video and you se the pic;)

  • Frozenkyla

    Looks like combat record

  • Hunterio13

    Combat Record for sure!

  • Mark

    Looks like you can finally create-a-class and see what map(s) is coming up next.

  • Liam Thompson

    looks like gun stats