Mark Rubin has just posted a big list of updates coming to Modern Warfare 3:

“Lag Comp (Xbox & PS3) – TDM has some settings that replicate to an extent MW2 lag comp settings. More to be done here. Moving to all playlists soon. Probably sometime next week barring any issues. PC is still being worked on as well but is a different code path.

Matchmaking (Xbox) – Domination has a new matchmaking schema. It no longer uses Hilbert regions but rather country code based on your IP. Improvements to that coming in upcoming patch. But if you have been matchmaking a lot with people from other countries please try this out and see if it is better.

Spawning (All) – Faceoff maps have had more spawn points added and a slight tweak to the logic. Should reduce the amount of spawn trapping. But the maps are small so spawning will always feel dangerous. Part of the fun of the mode. A full re-write on spawn logic is in the works but will be some time before it is ready.

DLC – Terminal is out for everyone on Xbox. I’ll be able to announce the date for Ps3 and PC sometime soon pending PR approval. Probably next week or so. Yes Terminal will be free for everyone just as it is on Xbox.

PS3 DLC Issues – Some of the issues with PS3 DLC have been resolved. There are still isolated cases of people losing their Elite Subscription (me included) and also of some DLC content that seems to be either unplayable or un-downloadable. We are still working with Sony on those issues. Hit up @candyslexia for possible solutions for DLC issues.

Weapon Balance – We have started our pass on weapons here at the studio and are testing out some changes. We are just hitting ARs and SMGs at first. Our current philosophy on this right now is not to nerf but rather to buff those weapons that are under-performing. Not sure yet on the eta of when these changes will go live.

Playlist Updates – I don’t have any info yet on Playlist updates just yet. Hoping to get to that soon.”

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin


  • Someone

    wouldn’t mind a buff on the m16’s RoF and the mp5’s range
    and for playlists more infected classes (keep old ones apart from 50cal, unless maybe they change perks and secondary for 50cal)

  • Dhgf4m0us

    now we just wait 3 months and the game will be playable again. JK I’m just complaining. I appreciate the time they are taking. Took a little long for my taste though.

  • Guest

    Can’t wait for them updates

  • Dhgf4m0us

    thanks for using my pic as well 😉

  • BO2 FTW

    I´ve played some TDM, and for me, nothing changed, I´m still dying with one shot…

    • Mitch

      also happened in MW2.

      • Roxas3510

        The weapons were stronger because of stopping power in MW2. This game, you should never be killed in one hit, the guns are too weak for that, it’s a lag problem.

  • Bozzie

    For a triple A title, this is still sloppy. While it is good they have these updates, it’s just too late. 9 months too late.

    • It takes 9 months to fix this issue.

      • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

        No, it doesn’t. They had a 3 month grace period before the DLC content calender (and IW themselves have stated that DLC and patches are mutually exclusive in terms of their frequency), and for a problem that has existed since day 1, 9 months is too long.

        This is especially true when their game, thanks to Activision’s marketing plan, now only realistically has a 1 year life span if that. That means three-quarters of their game’s lifespan was spent broken to a very large amount of people (or at least the people eagle-eyed enough to notice).

        Furthermore, what they’re doing is reverting the lag comp to reflect MW2. Well done, so they’ve turned BACK 2 years. MW2 exists already and the netcode is effectively a copy-and-paste job from here on out (with bells and whistles thrown in for colour). They’re not creating new netcode, they’re imitating a 2 year old one (or older considering COD4/5 also did not suffer what is colloquially known as Lag Comp).

        It does not take 9 months to fix a problem on a game that thousands play, when you have a blistering amount of telemetry and data to help you out, along with 2 previous games in the series behind your belt, and they have NO excuse compared to smaller, indie companies that have released free-to-play titles and have fixed these problems either during their beta or within a smaller time-frame of 9 months.

        • Actually no. As soon as MW3 was sent to be published in October they started working on DLC. The calendar is for when it is publicly coming out. It takes FOUR months per each MP Map. So they need to start way ahead to finish all the maps for the entire content season.

          Yes, it has taken 9 months. Why? Because IW had to rewrite the entire net code for MW3 to support the ‘ban hammer’ software, etc. And somewhere along the way some issue occurred. Now they are still going through like 300 pages of coding trying to see where/how to fix the issue without compromising the security of MW3. The net code is NOT becoming a copy-paste of MW2, rather a modified version of MW2’s to support 60FPS, banning people, the guns, maps, etc.

          And if you have been a COD fan since MW2, you would understand that the amount of ppl at IW is very less and they are doing lots of things.

  • Korflock

    well it’s ABOUT TIME.
    games been out for 9months and we’re going to be getting a lag comp fix.

    • Actually, they have been working on it for 9months and have now found the main issue.

      • Korflock

        ok cool.
        i said the games been out for 9months and we’re going to be getting a lag comp fix.

        they should have had this fixed and dealt with before the game came out.

        • Not possible at all. They cannot test issues like this.

          • Korflock

            how can they NOT test issues like lag compensation?

          • Because there isn’t 10million people at IW to test every issue of the game. They can’t test such a problem b/c they had to rewrite the net code to work w MW3

          • Korflock

            1. you don’t need 10 million people
            2. and yes they can test it and rewrite it

            do you honestly think that they just write the netcode and say “it’s good” without testing it?

      • Primey_

        Fucking bullshit. They have been focused on dlc and money. It has no took them 9 months to find a fucking issue.

  • Roxas3510

    When they say a full re-write on spawn logic, are they still referring to the face-off spawns or are they talking about all spawns? Also, they need to buff just about all the weapons in the game except for the ones that are already OP, not just the super weak ones. I want the guns to feel like I’m playing MW2 with stopping power on. People need to die if I’m putting shots on them first, they shouldn’t be able to kill me after I’ve unloaded on them because they managed to make my guy flinch and point his weapon to the moon. It’s crazy that they’re just now doing this. In a little over 3 months this game will only matter to the people who don’t have the money to buy BO2 yet.

    • No. Spawns for every map.

    • Dirol9

      Maybe you are right, but for me, considering if MW3 lag issue is fixed and Black Ops 2 is very similar to Black ops 1, i may still somehow like to play MW3 over Black Ops2 because MW3 is a Modern warfare. Just like BO1 and MW2.

      • Roxas3510

        I’d enjoy MW3 more than BO2 if it plays like BO1, but I probably won’t play it more because it’s broken. If BO2 is more balanced and there aren’t any OP guns and stupid stuff that ruin the game, I see myself playing it all the time even though I prefer MW3’s play style.

  • StallionMike

    MW2.5 i mean MW3 sucks…period…i have mine on ebay….Black Ops until Black Ops 2 comes out….Treyark at least puts detail and thought into their games no more infinity ward games for me!

    • Dhgf4m0us

      lol it’s not MW 2.5 this is a downgrade from MW2, not an upgrade. if anything, MW 1.5, nope not even that. MW .5

      • Pro

        What a fail comment dude…

  • Dhgf4m0us

    Haven’t noticed a difference in lag comp in TDM. Stopping power was one of, if not the best things in MW2. You know why? Because then people had to chose between playing stealth like or rushing at the enemy and having extra power. Now, in the newer cods, the only strategy they help, is playing stealth like AKA camping. Assasin, Blind Eye, Dead silence, Should not be on 3 separate Tiers. They should be on one

  • Ianpeterrose

    Its far too late mate, I already sold this joke of a game. Your planning on fixing all the problems moments before blackops2! Your an idiot and all this should have been sorted before you released the game, do you guys not do any testing?????!

  • Blops2

    LOL taken them almost a year to address weapon balance. You can’t even for a second tell me through internal testing they didn’t realize the MP7 was OP to shit and the ACR was essentially the MW2 variant with more damage.

    Black Ops 2 can’t come soon enough. A developer that actually knows what the hell they’re doing.

    • Joseph Lan

      Oh how ironic.

      Black Ops 2 turned out to be an even bigger pile of turd than MW3 was.