is proud to announce our second blog feed which will feature EA’s first person shooters, Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Battlefield 3 (and BF4).

For all of you hardcore Call of Duty fans, dont worry, the original charlieINTEL blog will remain the same and will only feature Call of Duty news and will continue on with no changes. This SECOND blog is located at and will be devoted to MoH and BF breaking news.

The main change is that now @charlieINTEL will tweet out News updates for BOTH blogs. News updates are for all 3 games are few and far between so you wont have to worry about being slammed with Battlefield or MoH news if you arent interested.

Basically, charlie INTEL will now be devoted to Military First Person Shooters. We will consider other FPS shooter titles in the future, but for now we will be devoted in bringing you all the latest Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield breaking news. Any feedback would be appreciated in the comments below!

  • EvilChameleon

    I assume this means that the forums will get a bit of re-organization as well?

    • Yes sir, minor redsign and new forum additions is planned this week

  • lMattW

    I think that’s great. Your CoD coverage is really good, so I expect there are plenty of people who will appreciate your BF/MoH coverage. Keep up the good work.

  • battlefield died after 2006 man :/
    moh, well i never liked it only MOH AA
    i have MOH:W alpha though it’s pretty fun at time, it’s like cod but more unbalanced and intense.

  • alex

    im glad you guys are expanding its really good for you guys this is the site i go to for COD information… if i was a fan of battlefield i would check that daily to…. i still might just because you guys post interesting stuff that nobody else does…

  • Ryan Callihan

    this website has been my #1 source of CoD news since i found out about back when mw3 was released. I actually went out and bought BF3 a couple months ago and I’ve been playing CoD for a few years now. I’m a huge fan of CoD and this blog. I think expanding is a great idea. I actually plan on pre ordering MOH: Warfighter soon. I hope that the new EA dedicated blog will be as informative as this one. Keep it up, guys!

    • We plan on being as informative as the one! Thank you Ryan!

  • Dan

    How about FIFA 13 and all the other FIFA’s to come.

    • You can visit for all that news!

    • James

      no one gives a shit bout fifa cod RULES

  • Revisawesome

    Thank god you guys didnt put em all in a single site. If that happened, expect CoD vs. BF & MoH like in MP1st :/