GameStation UK has announced an all new ‘Call of Duty Perk Program’ Preorder Bonus for Black Ops 2. As you see in the flyer above there are many perks for preordering including:

  • Limited Edition Nuketown 2025 double-sided poster
  • A chance to win one of 5 pairs of tickets to Gamescom
  • Quadrotor Drone Avatar (360) or Quadrotor theme (PS3) at Black Ops II Launch
  • More perks coming soon
GAME UK is also doing this perk bonus as these are the same company. GAME details here.

We are unaware if these bonuses will go worldwide. We’ll keep you posted!

SOURCE: GameStation via @Big Deano


  • Gatlin Weyer

    Gamestop better get these deals other wise I am not going to like being a COD Nerd.

    • Someone

      don’t see why it matters, the prices are nearly the same no doubt. Just means you get more with one company then the other, can get it delivered if there’s problems with the nearest shops

  • Bobshi

    Activision sucks balls with all this exclusivity.

    Should be with all major retailers, not with some shoddy expensive company that was on the brink of collapsing a few months ago.

    • They don’t ‘suck balls’. They are like any other company, and are interested in $$$. Lots of $$. Maybe ATVI will bring this worldwide, we don’t know as of now.

      • Bobshi

        Actually, I think you will find that from a consumer point of view it actually does suck balls.

        I am not interested in their business decision as a consumer. It could net them millions but for those looking to purchase the game it does suck balls as you are forced, should the bonuses tempt you, to buy through one retailer.

        That retailer happened to almost go bankrupt a few months back, leaving them with 40% less staff and closing almost half of their stores.

        It is also renowned for being very expensive and having poor customer service and poor sales techniques.

        The game is available to pre-order for £44.99, I have it pre-ordered elsewhere for £32.39, that’s 30% less.

        Exclusivity where the exclusivity has been purchased by an outlet always hurts the consumer. It removes choice from the market. And does, suck balls for consumers.

        • ATVI did the something last year w/ GAME UK. Gave them an exclusive bonus for MW3, and it never went worldwide.

          UK currently has posters and T-shirts that US doesn’t. Its a fact of marketing decision. ATVI is broken up. They have a ATVI US, ATVI UK, and all make different decisions. But together ATVI INC makes complete decisions.

          GameStop US will not announce any new bonuses till August, because they are only doing 4 waves. That is what GameStop and ATVI together decided they would provide for the fans. GAME UK and ATVI UK together decided they would do this. It is marketing skills that makes this happen.

          And exactly the reason why your retailer -where you preordered- won’t get it because THEY decided that offering the game cheaper was better than this bonus. ATVI AND the retailer decide what they want to offer, and GAME UK said they would, and got this exclusively.

          • Bobshi

            This has nothing to do with my point.

            And actually the place I pre-ordered was a place offering a t-shirt, so what were you saying about prices and exclusive bonuses again? Oh yeah…

            Read my comment. My point is NOT about their business decisions or the reasons why it is offered exclusively – I am not an idiot, I know the reasons why, and you don’t need to explain what you think they are to me.

            My point is it hurts consumers because they do not have choice.

          • Choice for what? ATVI will offer what they want to offer to retailers they want to offer it too.

          • Tad

            Well said.

  • Ocarina


    • I WANT IT TO! But sadly it is only for the UK as of now 🙁

  • ??anonymous??


    • Well, preorder bonuses aren’t much different. The Limited Edition comes w/ stuff on launch day. Preorder bonus gives you posters, maps, giveaways, etc

    • Someone

      dude… they haven’t announced any special editions for BO2 yet but i’m positive there will be atleast a hardended edition, maybe a prestige/collectors edition aswell where in them they’ll have things like cod elite2.0 or maybe like what BO got, classic nazi zombie maps so there’s still a lot to do with pre ordering. just some patience until that day for me

  • Neil

    It was in the very first viral video, featured in the teaser and now there’s Quadrotor avatars and themes.

    Isn’t it about time they just came out and announced that you’ll a Quadrotor with the Prestige edition? They’re cheap enough to make (without the guns), and similar things are already available that you can control from your Android/ios phones.

    • iMovingTarget

      i heard from whiteboy7st or however u spell his name, there is not going to be a hardened or prestige edition of bo2

      • Nick

        There won’t be. That’s why they have the pre-order system. If you pre-order before wave 2 then it’s like getting the prestige edition. Before wave 3, hardened and before wave 4, special edition.

  • Only reason I don’t preorder from game and gamestation because they might go bankrupt

  • Tad

    Thats awesome, I hope they include 24 hous of double xp like infinity ward did in mw3.

  • Gunner

    Here in the U.S we got Nuketown 2025 bonus map, instead of a poster. Wave one was a prestige token for MW3. I have yet to find out Wave 3.


    I preorderd the game today (august 9) Nuketown 2025 has expired..but I get the wave 1 poster -_- I also got the email saying I got the Mao though. HELP



  • LemonzHD

    i wanted to ask how do u recive all pre order bonuses