Gametrailers does an excellent job on recapping what we already know, check out the video to get you up to speed. Also, Gametrailers admits that they’re under a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) when it comes the multiplayer details but teases that a “media blitz” is coming in the near future..

SOURCE: Gametrailers

  • lMattW

    I’ve been a bigger fan than most of CoD campaigns up to this point, but I’m not sure about this one. The more I watch campaign footage the less I want to play it.

    • Joshua_16

      at 1:06 is multiplayer cause look at the map in the left thats not in single player/campaign

      just to cheer you up Bro!!! 😀

      • Jamesalex202

        That was strike force

      • Daneeey

    • ??anonymous??


  • btard4lulz

    My body is ready

  • Anonymous

    Treyarch is like one of those strip tease pornstars who tease you with their goods, all this trickle of info will start gushing out before release and it’s turning me on

    • (haters have issues)

      ha i made that comment on the cod wiki, must have been funny

  • Hunterio13

    2 more weeks until multiplayer is shown!

  • InfiniteAstro@PS3

    At 1:06,the red dot sight is shown.Is that how it will look like in Multiplayer?Guess we will find out in 2 weeks at Gamescon!Is anyone coming?

    • Hunterio13

      That’s in a strike force mission but yeah im sure that’s how it will look.

  • hot natured

    Please do not put MACHINE PISTOLS. Just some pistols that have the full-auto attachment

  • Theguywhojusthardscopedyou

    I got really excited at the 4 seconds of new gameplay near the end (When he comes out of the 18wheeler)… Is that bad?…

  • Pulse II Chaos

    I really do hope they mean it when they said the MP has undertaken a great deal of changes as the campaign has. I’m plus so many others are so desperate to be enriched by a whole new experience, just like COD4, in which is desperately needed for COD to survive. Just to pick up my controller and just think, wow, they’ve really put a lot of effort into this and its finally paid off. If these changes are changes made for the better and not worse, BO2 is officially the best COD ever! Black Ops 2 = Innovation.