The reveal of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer has arrived! Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar confirmed via twitter that he will reveal all the information about multiplayer during Gamescom (in Germany next week). For now, enjoy the trailer!

Trailer Description:
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 takes multiplayer to 2025! Experience it for yourself on November 13. Pre-order now and receive the bonus Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map!


Multiplayer details revealed:
Weapon Details:
-Rockets that lock onto the Dragonfire
-Sniper rifles without scopes spotted
-2 attachments for secondary weapons
-At 0:18 in bottom right, you have option to ‘select fire’.
-Bolt action sniper
-Laser pointer
-You can plant the riot shield to the ground and shoot through it
-3 attachments for primary
-6 perks can be used at a time
-Riot shield is back
-See through smoke with certain attachments
-Change zoom level
-Scopes are more ‘boxed’ in shape. Wider.

-Desert map [1st one shown] is called ‘Turbine’
-Another map looks to take place in Singapore has the crate being moved

Aftermath Mini Map:
[nggallery id=343]
Turbine Mini Map:
[nggallery id=342]
Mini Map images via @Call0fDutyWiki

Kill streaks:
-A.G.R is brought in via Care Package
-Fly a drone into the enemy [killstreak]
-Turret that causes some sort of wave – called ‘Guardian’
-Quadrotor [called Dragonfire] can be used as a killstreak
-A.G.R – Like an Assault Drone.
-Lot’s of airstrikes
-Dogs are returning
-‘Lighting Strike’ is a new kill streak

-New Equipment ‘Shock Charge’
-Knife appears to be a equipment
-C4 is [of course] returning
-Tomahawk is back
-Tactical Insertions are returning

Game Modes:
-‘Multi-team TDM’ was mentioned

-New HUD
-Dolphin Dive is returning
-Sights to see through barriers
-Max level is [not confirmed 100%] 55.
-15th prestige logo from Black Ops 1 appeared
-It appears that custom emblems are returning
-Accolades are returning, shown was: ‘Flyswatter’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Bloodthirsty’.
-Bottom left corner shows how many points needed to win the game
-eSports sections appears, ‘spectator-only’ mode also shown
-Ballistic Vest is returning


Weapons Spotted:


Trailer Screenshots:
[nggallery id=341]

Give us your thoughts and tips in the comments below..

SOURCE: Call of Duty YouTube

  • Alexb3231

    Holy Sh*t this looks awsome!!!!!

  • CodhappiTymez

    Looks freaking amazing!

    • Steve_noble

      All I saw was unreal tournament, what’s with the big 3D scoreboard thing? …. Boom … Headshot

  • medibee

    an-94 😀

  • Oldnrusty22

    holyyyyyyyyyyy crap.

  • Adam Nord

    The shock charge “electrified tomahawk” reminds me too much of halo (hate that game, mainly because I suck at it). I am interested in the new version of the “trophy system” that he uses at 0:35. Did anyone else see the red dot to ACOG switch at 0:39? Also, the python at 1:17 doesn’t fit the color scheme of the game in my opinion.

    • BBSX

      That’s not a trophy system. That’s new a new killstreak that works like a sentry gun, except it just disorientates enemies.

      It’s based of real life technology called the LRAD, look it up.

    • Mattm2214

      The red dot to ACOG scope is like the HAMR scope for SMG’s in MW3

      • Adam Nord

        I know, I was just referring to the fact that it just switched without having to play a complex animation.

        • Mattm2214

          Oh, yeah, that will be so much better and a lot more useable!

  • lMattW

    I’m not sure what to think. It looks like the complexity is increasing and there is more equipment and streaks and stuff. It could work out OK, but that’s not a forgone conclusion.

  • Singhbobby217

    I really like the 10 point class system in this multiplayer… it looks balance and a smooth game…

    • Charlie B

      Not really, cause you can then choose to start with a pistol and like 4 or more perks. I would do that and just follow a teammate until they die, pick up their gun and go ham.

      • Argy

        Gotta hope they drop something you want though.

        • Adam Nord

          or if its like MW3, sometimes they don’t even drop a gun!

      • ??anonymous??

        nope, you can start with 6 perks

      • Mjjj

        thats smart using a pistol follow ur teammate until he dies and pick up his weapon or I might run around knifing and killing people with pistols

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      i like that theirs a lot of options…

  • Talcom42

    MultiTeam TDM ? I THINK SOOOO

  • At the end he said Multi-Team TDM 😀

  • JJ_121993

    Looks as if the knife is still one-stab-kill, but you have to switch to it first. This makes me a happy bunny!

  • Might have select fire pause at 11 seconds and it says m8a1 select fire burst

    • SivertOlsen

      It does. Selectable fire-rate is now an option it seems. Burst, Semi-Auto, and Auto are all in the different footage clips in the trailer.
      It also seems that we are back to CoD4 knifing, not some “pre-animated” must hit in a perfect spot as in MW2,BO and MW3. And it looks like there is now a perk to 1-hit with a knife.

  • Charlie B

    All I saw was super over powered killstreaks. Those guns were killing in 3 shots? This was obviously recorded in private match cause no one was being lag comped. This is going to be a big pile of Hot Garbage!

    • BoopBop

      You’re so dumb. Private match is online, so you are lag comp’d. It seems this game might not suffer from lag.

      • bobshi

        It would have likely been over LAN and regardless most guns in MW3 are 3 bullets to kill.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      you dont know how the game will be played with the public… these are the developers playing. idk this looks a whole lot better than mw3… the lmg are not fun to use… the sight looks awesome… im still getting…

  • Devin Wolfe

    all my want

  • Repleteorb2

    snipers with no scopes finally

  • Sixteen Saltines

    Wonder what Multi Team TDM is, is it like TDM with more than 2 teams or something

    • Argy

      Yes, 3+ teams battle it out for the chance at the #1 spot but will play as if you are on your regular team.

      • Hunter13

        So sort of like Squad Death Match from Battlefield but with 3 teams correct?

    • ??anonymous??

      it will be four teams of 3 players, you can see it above the screen

  • ShadowKnight104

    LSAT Class pane (right side before going onto the bridge 0:31) shows 3 attachment slots (2 are used).
    Looks like stunning items (Shock thing/”Guardian” on the bridge) looked to lower health to hardcorecore levels, otherwise looks like MW3 level damage. Good comparison at 0;31 with before “Guardian” and after with the same gun.

  • Anyone notice the 15th emblem from Black Ops 1 on that one guy?

    • Mitch

      where in the trailer?

      • Start at 0:38 then watch when the guy aims in. You should see the guy is 15th prestige from Black Ops 1…!

        • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

          Don’t look too far into it, it’s probably just a placeholder, just as how most the guns seem to sound like the Commando from BO1.

    • Quest123

      I also saw that 😀 good notice:)

    • ??anonymous??

      me too, treyarch always put emblems again, prestige 14 in black ops was a faction from world at war

  • Map colours look amazing, guns actually sound like guns, this game already looks better than MW3

  • The Flash

    vonderhaar tweeted a screenshot of a trailer which was 2:36, and the above isnt, could a zombie trailer be imminent?

    • They could of shortened the trailer ?

  • MrCoffeyMSR

    They put the riot shield down and shot over it, sort of like mobile cover.

  • QSR. 50 Sniper, I think thats what its called, buh QUICKSCOPING IS BACK, DNT MESS!

    • Mmkay

      That’s not qs

  • fever308


  • fever308

    I found something interesting at around 1:55 of the video, he says multi-team team deathmatch! More proof is that the 2 players the guy kills, are shooting at each other!

    • AL0

      seems like multi-team 3v3v3 or 3v3v3v3 like in halo reach

  • Finnguy86

    awesome,awesome, AWESOME

  • Broncosnfl15

    the guns i saw are the M8A1 select fire,PDW-57 mms, AN-94, and the M1216…..DOLPHIN DIVING IS BACK!!!!!TOMAHAWKS!!!!C4!!!!!!! …a whole bunch of goodies…..if you look at the minimap in the vid the map looks humungous


    Cod is official dead!

    • medibee


  • BoopBop

    Spotted Guns:
    Ballista – Bolt-action rifle/sniper.
    M1216 – Full auto shotgun.

  • Derp

    Custom emblems? Anyone? I couldn’t really tell if they were custom or not. Also they have quickscoping yay. And now you have to take out your knife to kill someone, plus tomahawks , riot shields, and dolphin diving are all back. This game is gonna be sweet.

    • Argy

      Treyarch was really proud of the custom emblems in the first one, so I’m guessing they will be returning with more and better graphics. I’m also saying this because the background titles behind the names looked bland like in Black Ops, meaning they are trying to take the focus off of those (unlike the contrast of MW2/3)

      • bobshi

        yeah I think the colours of the emblems gave it away, too much neon colouring which wouldn’t be the designers first choice for a uniform set of default emblems.

        The only concern was that they said they had to fight Activision’s lawyers hard to have it in the game as the lawyers were concerned about people making copyrighted logos.

        As it turned out people just had penises and arse holes wide open.

        • Derp

          haha so true

  • Deep Paul

    When he used the Guardian on the bridge it looked like Black Ops 1 Prestige emblems will carry over? Maybe they’ll do something like it you’re a 15th prestige you’ll just continue with a new set of emblems, but if your’re not they’ll import the emblems from Black ops 1 until you get to 15th?

    • Josh

      This is beta footage, most likely they’ll be changing when the game finally comes out.

      • Deep Paul

        I hope they still include the prestige shop.

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    Here’s what I could make from it, only talking about the weapons:

    Assault Rifles:
    M8A1 (Select Fire, seen on Burst Mode), Reflex scope seen on ground
    AN-94 (seen with custom optic Reflex)

    Submachine Guns/PDWs:
    PDW-57 MMS (seen with “Xray” scope?)
    Chicom CQB (customised, seen on Burst Mode)

    DSR-50 (Customised, bolt action)
    FNH Ballista Sniper Rifle (Customised, seen without scope, bolt action)

    Light Machine Guns:
    LSAT (Hybrid Scopes, yellow, customisable?)

    M1210 (Customised)

    Raging Judge (high powered Magnum-style pistol)
    Combat Knife (seen as forcibly equipped to use)

    FHJ-18 AA

  • Deep Paul

    When the guy was in the shipping yard and looking down his sight you could see a wave that made people visible through objects. You saw the enemies outline before he got around the shipping container. I thought it was some kind of advanced heartbeat sensor, but look closely and it looks like he has a UAV type pointstreak selected. Maybe it’s like the new Advanced UAV? Not sure if I like it. If it’s any lower than a 10 it won’t be fair when my entire team has them going up all game.

    • Argy

      Intel says it is a new attachment, which means it will most likely be blockable with a perk. The same sort of outline appears at the smoke screen scene as well.

    • ??anonymous??

      This will be EXACTLY like the hearthbeat sensor, it doesn´t need to be countered

  • Elektrobanq

    Here are some general things to take note of:

    0:10: Select fire is available in multiplayer.

    0:22: X-ray optics are available in multiplayer. One gun that can mount a x-ray optic is the PDW-57 MMS.

    0:32: There are three attachment slots for primary weapons and two attachment slots for secondary weapons. Two of the primary attachments (for the LSAT at least) are hybrid scopes and what appears to be a special kind of bullet (perhaps amor-piercing or something like FMJ). Notice that the bullet icon in the attachment slot has a green tip.

    1:15: There are three slot perks and each perk has a “pro” mode (the pro mode is shown in the right column of the perk slots). It is safe to assume that each perk in the right column is a pro-mode of the perk that is adjacent to it because each one of the perk icons in the left column (as seen at 1:15) has the same shape of the icon adjacent to it (e.g. a shield or pentagon shape).

    1:25: In addition to the three perks, it appears that there are three additional slots available for perklike features for your soldier.

    1:38: Some guns have laser sights. (If you look at 1:36-7 at the attachments for the M216, the second attachment appears to be a laser.)

    Overall, it was a decent trailer. Black Ops has definitely made big changes from the first installment to the second, something you cannot say for MW2 and MW3 (at least not to the same extent). The one cool thing I noticed was that the gun fire in this game sounds crisp and just awesome. Did you hear the sound coming from the AGR? Damn.

    • Argy

      Just remember that MW2 was made by an actual team, MW3 was a MW2 patch by 3-partial teams… In contrast, BO and BO2 are both made by an actual team.

      • Elektrobanq

        I did overlook that point. Well, I like the work from unit compared to a team of three so far.

        Two more things I noticed in the trailer:

        0:38-0:40: Notice the smooth transition from the red dot sight to the acog sight on the hybrid scope. I didn’t like the lag time in switching optics on a hybrid scope on MW3 because it increased the possibility of getting killed by a guy coming around the corner and the lag time itself was annoying. This smooth transitioning in Black Ops 2 makes using a hybrid sight much more attractive.

        1:11-1:13: Notice that when the AGR blows up the car, a little icon of a vest pops up. This suggests that there is some kind of vest that gives a soldier some extra protection against damage.

        • i think that vest was a Flack Jacket/Blastshield perk. probably not somthing deployable (although possible) because i saw the same symbol used on the top Perk on the load out during the riotshield scene. not saying there isn’t a ballistic vest type in the game but that was my observation.

    • Scottyspam 1

      i think the sounds for the most part are boring and just the same ones from BO, the launcher and pistol are definitely the same. Sounds no better than socom

    • Chamber691

      i look at 1:15 they are different looks usually when it is pro they put a star behind it not change what is inside the shape what i think you are see is that you can only take up to two perks from each tier to help them keep things balanced

  • Deep Paul

    It looks like sniper rifles without scopes are back! As much as I like them it will be OP.
    1) Because it doesn’t have a scope, it doesn’t take longer to ADS
    2) It’s semi-auto so it can be sprayed like the dragonov or RASS
    3) It has a big magazine size so it can be spammed like the Barret
    4) It looks like one of the more powerful rifles so I don’t think it’s a two shot killer like the RASS

    • CodhappiTymez

      if I take a look back at bo1,the semi auto snipers had a delay between each shot so you cant “Spray”

  • Deep Paul

    If you look near the ammo counter you’ll see some weapons are set to burst, auto, or semi. So you can pick between fire actions. This may be great to use with powerful guns that can be used on auto, but could be used on burst. Imagine what something like an FAL would have been like on burst. You could switch to full auto if you go in close proximity.

    • ??anonymous??


      • Deep Paul


  • Argy

    My two cents:
    -at 0:43 there are 1 blue/2 green and at 1:15 there are 6 perks, no primary weapon/grenades.
    -at 0:43 it looks like there is an underbarrel in place of the pistol
    -There are now “badges” for doing cool things (I did not know what to call them), several shown at the top as the trailer plays. These might actually factor into XP now that they have a full symbol (and be shown at the end of the match).
    -Firepower is comparable to MW3
    -Map style/color is comparable to Black Ops
    -Can have up to 3 attachments on a primary
    -Can have an attachment that sees through walls/smoke (should be a balancing perk)
    -Did not see how they are doing pro-perks/if they are doing pro-perks
    -Killstreaks look more balanced then some MW3 killstreaks (IE the flying thing went down with 1 rocket where as the ReconDrone goes down with 2 because of flares)
    -Points (7500) for a win have been dropped in favor of Kills (75) for a win or task for a win. Same amount, just less confusing.
    -There are 3 new things on the list I don’t understand, camo maybe? (under-neither secondary weapon)
    -Very end supports the idea that they are trying to take tournaments to the next level
    -Plantable/Movable Riot Shields
    -Throwing Knife is out for the Tomahawk again

    • Nicely done!

    • bobshi

      I wonder if the ‘badges’ will be like Accolades in MW. They looked nice regardless.

  • Mr.Awesome

    First time I’ve ever been excited for COD multiplayer

  • Deep Paul

    In the shipping yard those guys were able to make their riot shields like portable barriers. This will be very OP. Imagine if these were in MW3. Two people would go into the building next to the junk yard on fallen everyone like to camp in and then block the doorways. Then a whole team could sit up there with Flak jacket and be impervious to explosives while they shoot out of the building. OP WARNING!!!!

    • Argy

      I suspect they take a good period of time to place and an even better period of time to pick-up, which limits your mobility. Not to mention damage might reflect back on the inside, meaning 1 shot from behind becomes all the more deadly and grenades will be much more painful.

      • Deep Paul

        I hope so because those things could be abused in EVERY gamemode!!

    • bobshi

      Interesting about doorways, I hope you can walk through friendly shields or at least jump over them!

    • Mecha75

      I don’t think they can move from behind the riot shield barrier. So they may gain a solid barrier to the front, but they don’t have any mobility. Also, we can see through and shoot through walls so I don’t know how over powered that will be.

    • Revisawesome


  • Rich Herminghaus

    I am extremely discouraged to see C4 is back as something that can be thrown 50 yards. C4 should only be usable if you actually place it somewhere….not as a thrown piece of equipment. Something similar to the way you use it in BF3.

    Everything else looks great.

    • Argy

      unfortunately the C4 community loves that it can be thrown. It’s a lot of fun.

      • Rich Herminghaus

        Fortunately…I cannot stand the C4 community.

        • bobshi

          With you there. It is annoying in MW3 seems to have a massive radius compared to a grenade.

          • Rich Herminghaus

            This is a response I posted on YouTube about C4 being OP.

            Honestly though. What lethal equipment do you use? I would guess C4 because it is the most effective because it can be thrown long distances and instantly detonated. Unlike frags and semtex that detonate on a timer. Having an explosive that can be thrown with great accuracy over long distances that has a controlled instant detonation is in my opinion OP. C4 should need to be placed….or simply just dropped. Similar to BF3.

            Pretty much sums up my feelings on it.

  • ??anonymous??


  • ??anonymous??


    • Mmkay

      And waw

  • Pulse Caos

    I thought this trailer was meant to be 2mins 36 seconds long according the image shared by David Vonderhaar on his Facebook page not long go. Why bother lying?

    Anyway the game looks great! Very clear and bright graphics, awesome kill streaks, amazing guns with a nice little feature to select fire, lots of new perks and some interesting new game styles.

    My only disappointment so far is that it takes 55 levels to prestige instead of 50, other than that I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

    • ??anonymous??

      plus no more panic knifers

    • ??anonymous??

      the worst thing in trailer was predator missile back

      • Hunter13

        That wasn’t a -predator missile.

        • Mecha75

          yeah, and there were a bunch of them.

        • ??anonymous??

          yes, is a 3arc version

          • Hunter13

            Oh, I thought it wasn’t because it doesn’t look like it would be, but who knows what that could be. It could be something that just sees you as a target and comes down and destroys you or it could be a predator, but what’s the big deal with the predator missile?

          • ??anonymous??

            see singapore strike force FULL level, to confirm it, is in the ending of gameplay, they call a predator

          • Hunter13

            Iv seen that already. I guess we just have to wait and see some more info

    • The Flash

      i already pointed out about the trailer, maybe theres a zombie trailer coming

    • ??anonymous??

      they have cut stuff

  • ??anonymous??


    • bobshi

      That isn’t a predator missile, but if controllable seems akin to it.

      • ??anonymous??


    • Swerve

      That’s not a predator missile..

      • iTwisty1

        It is

  • i think custom emblems are back because when some die u see their gamertag

  • T Dog

    Where were the dogs? I didn’t see them.

    • bobshi

      The top kill/pointstreak on the guy using the Ballista (no scope sniper rifle).

  • Andresilva623

    The sound turret its a device that uses sound to desorient a person. It already existes as a prototype. ( looks ver similar to the one in the game)

    • Revisawesome

      Invisible ray gun used against rioting civillians. It exists 😮

  • Pkillermajor

    the agm wasn’t the claw, it was something else. almost like a mix between the assault drone and the claw.

  • Liambutcher

    Does anyone else see the two first soldiers that get killed seem to have different colour camos on?

    • LiamButcher

      NVM, it’s more than 2 teams in TDM.

  • Korflock

    Halo….. 🙁

    • The Flash

      …. is shit, COD is good

      • Korflock

        ….at making their games look like halo.

        • Hunter13

          that is total BS. Looks nothing like Halo, I see no aliens flying around like ninja’s…I see no plasma grenades, I see nothing a like.

  • OH YEAH, BUT FACE CAMO IS RETURNING! You can see it when he doplhin dives!

  • lMattW

    The Singapore map looks really similar (almost identical) to the Singapore Strike Force mission one. I wonder if that’s the case with all of the Strike Force missions, they’re also multiplayer maps.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    no every two prestiges it increase levels… so in 15th… you have to be lvl 90… thats a whole lot of work

    • Swerve


  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    oh i know that happens a lot it disappears

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    i love to use the c4.. its fun 😀

  • lMattW

    At about the minute mark he shoots down a drone with a stinger, and I noticed that the point streak/kill streak doesn’t increase.

    • Swerve

      Yeah, I noticed that too. It didn’t go up when he destroyed the Dragonfire (I think that’s what it’s called) either.

  • AL0

    where is the 15 prestige emblem from black ops

  • FuzzyPpooka

    Looks amazing. Anyone else happy for RIOT SHIELDS!!!???

    • ??anonymous??


  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    “MMS” on the PDW-57 is probably the name of the scope, standing possibly for MilliMeter Scope. This would be after the type of radio wave that is used in Millimeter Wave Scanners, used in airports today. The technology would have refined from the big scanners to the form of a scope and has weak through-wall detection.

  • Shadowking58


  • ??anonymous??

    Bane=black ops II
    Batman=EA, MoH warfighter
    -Batman: I have been defeated kill me!
    -Bane Your punishment must be much more severe

    • Revisawesome


  • Joeboo_in_pa

    Quick scoping is garbage. I really hope this is all hype and its not in it. That’s one thing I love about treyarch. Also, having to pull the knife out as equipment is going to be better. My knife never works anyways. Gotta admit, pretty pumped for this game. Can’t wait til we get more confirms next week.

  • Mecha75

    I noticed one of the kill streaks was a Satellite, so welcome back BlackBird.

    • Picture and or time please!

      • ??anonymous??

        is on one of screenshots

  • fleabag323

    Was the AGR actually the CLAW? I thought it was the assault drone-like one that had the missiles that killed the CLAW easily (see the strike force Singapore level)

    • ??anonymous??

      same thing

  • GrimSanto

    The Guardian looks like an Active Denial System. It works like a microwave and it’s basically a heat ray.

    • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

      Bang on. Guardian is the right name for it though.

      Defense contractor Raytheon has developed a smaller version of the ADS, the Silent Guardian. This stripped-down model is primarily marketed for use by law enforcement agencies, the military and other security providers. The system is operated and aimed with a joystick and aiming screen. The device can be used for targets up to 550 m away.[11]
      LA County jail is now installing the smaller-sized unit on the ceiling of their jail.[51]
      Michael Hanlon—who volunteered to experience its effects—described it as “a bit like touching a red-hot wire, but there is no heat, only the sensation of heat.” Raytheon says that pain ceases instantly upon removal of the ray; still, Hanlon reported that the finger he subjected “was tingling hours later.”[52]

  • JGSpinelli

    I think the three “extra perks” slots are for ELITE or PRO versions of the original Perk. Not six perks at all!

  • fps fan

    Awesome a really good game i gonna pre-order it right now¡¡

  • ??anonymous??

    I want BO1 prestige 15 to be in BO2 in the released game

  • ??anonymous??


  • ??anonymous??

    dogs is not the highest killstreak anymore, and also in one of screenshots we can se a satellite, so “blackbird” is back


  • ??anonymous??


  • @SirKese

    Amazing… 3 attachments… Multi-team matches… Dolphin dive…

  • Mr Shoelayce

    I’m confused. I thought the CLAW was the big walking tank thing. AGR was the sort of Assault Drone…

  • JGSpinelli

    Some mistakes. AGR isnt the CLAW, because the CLAW HUD i very differenth than the AGR…

  • DvX

    Anyone notice how mostlyusemeblade did not get a killstreak reward from both his kills.
    No raise in the killstreak bar from the handgun; no raise in the killstreak bar from his knife.

    Also a small edit fail in the same clip. It was made up of 2 different scenes/timelines cause in both kills he has diff killstreak rewards up…

  • Naieazy

    The gun sounds are going to be changed. I like how they did the lighting on the maps. Makes it more like an environment. I doubted his game but damn it looks pretty good. They kept their promises. Treyarch is way better than iw. I hope they have specialists

  • Linkinito

    Here’s everything I could find. The whole Tier 1 perks from Black Ops seem to return. Marathon, Ninja and Scout too.

  • EPIC!

  • Mistermilan

    oh great! now riot shielders can sit in corners and use their guns -.-

  • if you pause the vid at the riot shield scene and look at his load out, the top perk looks like a ballistic vest from MW3, and when the AGR destroys the car he gets the same symbol on the hitmarker. i think that symbol is a Blashshield/Flack Jacket perk, probly not a ballistic vest

  • i think the box that (isnt a killstreak call in) could be a tac-insertion cuz on that loadout u can see it on the equipment box and it looks like he drops it

  • Flynnaarcher