David Vonderhaar on twitter has been active giving us a little more info on MP for BO2. Here’s a summary:

  • Objective Markers will fade when aiming in, just like in BO1.
  • BO2 has brand new weapon tech, that allows shotguns to have 16 shots, but divided into 4.
  • New tech allows for ”dozens of new things’
  • We apparently have ‘all the info’ to identify what the three boxes at bottom was
  • The A.G.R is not a CLAW
  • Shotgun Sark, when he brought out that weird tech equip, was not calling in a killstreak.
We’re expecting a lot more details next week, at Gamescom in Germany.

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • Oldnrusty22

    Shotgun Shark’s tech equipment was a tactical insertion!

  • Mitch

    ‘We apparently have ‘all the info’ to identify what the three boxes at bottom was’.
    The only thing I can think of is Character Customization.

    • Mecha75

      I think you are right. I am not ure if they take any customization points but in the scene where he only has a gun, he has all three of the bottom row filled out but also shows 6 perks. Also, others none, one, or two. Probably will take a point or two (if they are doing that system).

      • Apukerpal

        Was it not said that the dolphin dive would return as a proficiency of sorts? The dude had one button box equipped and he dolphin dove.

        That’s my guess.

    • Elektrobanq

      I think each box is a kind of mini-perk and if one is activated, you can tell by the appearance of the soldier. In the trailer, there are only two soldiers who are not using any of the bottom three rectangles: the soldier running on the plane at 0:08 and the soldier that deploys the Guardian at 0:36. Notice that both soldiers have basically no army clothing; only a vest and a bandana.

  • Fernandozelaya64

    Yeah I was just gonna said that!! Like in black ops the tactical insertion is almost te same in black ops 2!!

  • i hate the way those objective markers obscure your vision in MW3

    • Stephen Graystone

      Yeah the fading was awesome in Black Ops, I don’t understand why the objective markers are not fading in MW3… weird.

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        Because MW3 and BO1 run on different engines with different tweaks and IW sucks at paying attention to Treyarch’s progress.

  • blahblahblah

    It wasn’t Shotgun Shark, it was ShotgunSark. Sark is a guy at Machinima Respawn and Vahn is really tight with the guys over there. Just like how the class with the Combat Knife was called MostlyUseMeBlade.

  • Bawt

    If you looked at shotgun sark’s tacitcal equipment, it went away when he called in that weird thing. It was a tactical insertion!

    • Mecha75

      I do believe you are right. If you look at the screen of the device, it does look like it has some field for coordinates. It is also shown in his equipment boxes in that flying loadout graphic.

  • Mmkay

    the three things in the bottem are your perks that change your appearence other perks don’t apply if you ad them

  • SivertOlsen

    Maybe those 3 boxes are linked to this? http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200435238

  • CodReaper

    What i think about the boxes is that they’re your uniform/speed/protection customization. Vonderhaar said that they were also working on the appearance of the characters. The object that Shotgun Sark was using is clearly a tactical insertion. I think that they might bring back the “Dolphin Dive” as a perk. Even though it would be useless Vonderhaar said that they were going to make everything customizable, for example the knife which was a default equipment and a one shot kill but now you have to equip it and you might even need a perk to make it a one shot kill. Well that’s what i think of all of this and please leave your opinion.

  • he had to make a tweet saying the A.G.R is not a claw… of course its not a fucking claw u idiots if it was a claw it would be called a claw and maybe even look like the claw, the agr does not even have legs.

    • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

      People on the internet are stupid yo.


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