You heard right, our charlieINTELcom YouTube channel is now officially partnered with Machinima! We plan on bringing you tons of new content and commentaries through the relaunch of our channel. For those wondering about the British accent, our channel is run by our “technical mastermind” Peter who happens to be from the UK. Peter has been with us from the beginning, he runs a lot of our behind the scenes stuff and is the main reason the site runs so smoothly.


We’ll be putting out Call of Duty vids several times a week which will include random blog updates, commentaries and random off-topic subjects that you guys want to hear about. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and let us know what you want to see in the comments below!

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  • theTF141clan

    Nice! 🙂

  • Broncosnfl15

    First of all I have been here since the very begining of this channel and i am very happy with the way this is goin
    Secondly thank you guys very much for all of the intel otherwise i wouldnt know half the things i know now about CoD!!
    And congrats!!!!

  • Firi

    My sincerest respects to CharlieIntel.

  • iLagNodnarb05

    If you would like, you can use my first montage:
    Or you can use any of my gameplay (I have good games not uploaded to my channel. Both MW3 and Black Ops). Just message me on Youtube: iLagNodnarb05 🙂