Swimming pool in Nuketown? Check… M24 returns to CoD? Check… AC-130 flying 25ft above the ground? Check… @IIJERiiCHOII Screaming like a mad man? Double check.

I’m no PC experts, so I would do anything to get this on my PC. If you’re a PC Elitist, then please tell us how to do this in the comments below!


  • Jweavwashere

    I’ve been subscribed to Jericho for a while. U guys should tweet some stuff about these Cod 4 mods bc there’s a lot of cool stuff in there that should be in BO2!

    • Brodie

      we are running the same mod as that but with black ops weapons details here
      server details
      bo weapons include famus, commando,ls96a, semtex

      • Brodie

        the {BHC]’s and Max of course are friends and affilliates who share little details such as personal cfg’s and skins’ to make these new cod4 mods the best they can be. thanks to Hacker22 for these awesome mods Great Job Bud

  • Matuzz

    If only Black Ops II would get mod tools with radiant.

    • MikePembo951

      yes, it would be epic.
      But unfortunately, @PCdev said that feature isnt coming to Blops 2.
      (Not sure about about tools but he was talking about a map editor – radiant)

      Hence, they have no preorder from me

  • Julian12davis

    I think I know how to get it

    • interactivepredator

      How do you install it i want it!!

      • Brodie

        its not available for release yet bud

        • interactivepredator

          Is the mod not released yet ?

          • Brodie

            no its not quite ready yet bud. the mw2 version is a little more complete than the bo version we are running just a fe wminor things to sort and of course the addition of Juggernaught as a kill streak is still to come.

    • Brodie

      no mate its Mw2V6 and BoV1 will post up details for bo download when its complete and ready and bug free. we dont want to release it until its totally debugged im sure you will understqand and apreciate that

  • Nick

    Why would you want another Modern Warfare 2? Most people are getting really annoyed how the games are almost similar except possibly the timeline. Its the same multiplayer technically and I think Black Ops II took a very good risk on changing it for once. I do NOT want another MW2 game and a BF3 combined?? What’s the point? Then play BF3 then.They both are 1st person with iron sights and crosshairs and hectic. I don’t see any reason to combine them. Now if they combined Gears of War with CoD, then THAT would be interesting.

  • BHCMax

    this mod has been updated to {BHC}MW4 with some new epic weapons, also we have moved to a new ip ( hosted on our own clan run dedi box, so not its not sharing with other’s servers 🙂 )

  • BHCMax

    this mod has been updated to {BHC}MW4 with some new epic weapons, also we have moved to a new ip

  • killer k

    How to get this thing ???

  • BHCMax

    server is now hosted on a new ip
    with many new features and weapons , we haven’t stood still but have evolved a bit 🙂 , come see for yourselves

  • BHCMax

    {BHC}MW4 Best Mod/Maps-cod4




  • BHCMax

    Mod has been updated with new ip see here for details http://bhc-rangers.com/page.php?120

    demo of mod in its current format, new weapons/maps characters etc