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Treyarch’s Game Design Director David Vonderhaar has been teasing the Call of Duty community on twitter recently. He’s had several profile picture changes the last couple of days it seems. No word yet on if we’re looking at prestige or callsign emblems. The last emblem probably isn’t game related as he added it when the (U.S.) Football Pre-season started.

UPDATE (8/12/12): 6th emblem added

TmarTn seems to think the emblems are related to a new “Multiplayer League” system which might include new matchmaking and ranking. Check out his video below:

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar

  • BBSX

    What does the last emblem have to do with the NFL Preseason?

  • Rico760760

    Those could be Perks aswell?

  • Lolwut

    The colour is also important, when he changed to the skull icon with no stars he said ‘Gold. Getting good.’

    The first ones were Bronze, then Silver, then Gold, could the skull with three stars be Platinum?

    Beyond that look at the first three.

    Ignore the knife and ignore the gun. One stripe, two stripes, three stripes.

    First, second and third prestiges?

    • Broncosnfl15

      when i saw that i thought two things
      1.IF theyre emblems i dont think their customizable bc if you look close there is a color fade
      2.they really look like prestiege emblems to me
      i kinda hope they are prestiege emblems bc those are cool and they make sense

  • I have an idea! I think they have to do with competetive play and ranked playlists. Vonderhaar hinted of having to play 4 more games to get a rank. So the one with the logo is the unranked and there are 5 total ranks. So you:

    Start with the logo
    Rank to knife 1
    Rank to knife 2
    Rank to guns
    Rank to skull gold
    Rank to platinum!

    There might be more ranks though..

  • Nolanakitt

    its olympic themed gold is better than silver and silver is better than bronze. then the theres one star, two stars, and three stars on each.

  • ??anonymous??


    • TechUnity

      Try saying that again, or do you not speak English?

    • Anthonyle188

      it is, it’s the same black ops 15th emblem, if you noticed closely on the black ops 2 MP trailer when he kills the first guy after he places down his killstreak that does some kind of beam and i know all the killstreaks. and all of the drones that were flying in the air towards the end of the video are called drone storm (last killstreak)

      • Broncosnfl15

        um first of all there is a very good chance that they were just using that for beta so unless someone u no works there at 3arc well then ur prob rite but no i dont think it will be in bo2
        secondly there is no way u know that wut u saw in the trailer wuz exactly the amount of killstreaks there are probly extras yet….

  • Linkinito

    These are “badges”. You saw in the MP trailer that you get badges for the XP bonuses like “revenge”, “one shot one kill”, “headshot”, etc.

    • Linkinito

      And just to add, the last thing might be a rank emblem.

      • Korflock

        Could it maybe be a BO2 Elite premium emblem?

    • Zarky

      None of these were shown in the Multiplayer trailer.

  • those emblems with skulls..the skull is a logo for a mobile game ”Shadowgun”. idk, I doubt, these are legit.

    • BBSX

      How are they not legit? They are straight from his twitter.

      Plus the shadowgun logo has many differences.

  • ich liebe dich mehr = I love you more

  • Miguel Torres

    I predict they can be of either two ways:
    One will be the accolades you saw in the MP trailer for revenge kills, 1st blood kill etc.
    Or the other thing can be like service stars like how BF3 has it & the stars tht bad company 2 had. For every 100 kills you got a gold star til you completed 900 kills with that weapon , you’ll get a platinum star.
    They look plain to be prestige emblems

  • JGSpinelli

    Hey, anyone remember that yellow Skull (11th prestige) in MW3? Maybe after the 10 prestige we got this “Skulls stars”.

  • Broncosnfl15

    i will put my opinion up for people to see
    i really dont think they are emblems…if they are then they probly are prestiege emblems
    i watched they trailer again and they didnt look like the other “badges”

  • David

    i am pretty sure that is from the comptitive mode..
    you heard it first right here 🙂

  • David

    the last emblem make me think again that is a compatitive mode shit..

  • Denniskuhh

    Maybe this shows u in what kind of category you´re in, because of the new skill matchmaking

    • Joshua_16

      that’s what i was thinking keep up the good work mate

  • David

    TmarTn and I think alike!
    see my post down!

  • Lolwut

    If he continues to post one each day until the ‘reveal’ then he’ll have posted 10 images.

    10 prestiges or 10 competitive rank levels then!

    Hopefully they do a mixture of the two. Prestiging, but match making based on your competitive rank.

  • Joe Apsey

    i think these are actually the new team logos in multiplayer

  • Have you guys seen my comment? I post it waay before TMartN’s vid. It’s wack that you guys don’t read the comments.

    • David

      but you forgot some info like that those arent the only ones.. there are 3 more atleast(we saw them on the trailer)

  • Dhgf4m0us

    If their are going to be leagues, how will you party up with friends that may not be ranked as high as you. Would it only be in certain playlists?

  • IINerfII

    Perhaps there is a “Ranked” playlist that puts you up against players of similar “skill” and you can only rank up in skill level by playing in that playlist. This makes the most sense to me since if simply winning games potentially helps rank you up then playing with a group of friends will make that far easier than playing on your own. If there was a “Raked” playlist then there would be a casual playlist where you rank up and unlock stuff as usual for use in all other game modes, essentially then MP we have right now in CoD. I feel like this would create a nice gap between the people who actually care about how well they do and the people who just don’t care at all and are trying to have fun.

  • Shadowking58
  • Shadowking58

    David Vonderhaar has been teasing us alot on Twitter and Facebook recently… this on twitter, and i found this: “kann nicht schlafen. Zombies” (Translation: can not sleep. Zombies)
    but i wonder what it all means… ZOMBIES FOOTAGE AT GAMESCOM, I’M CALLING IT!

  • Andrew Scuccimarri

    They could be gun customizations, for example: the 2 guns could be duel wield ???