CODcast Q&A

Q: What is the CODcast feature?
A: The CODcast feature is a special spectator mode that allows the player to take on the role of a game commentator. Using the CODcast interface, the CODcaster has the ability to see all of the action in the game by switching between many different views, including a picture-in-picture mode that allows the player to toggle between the game camera and map top-down view. This is the same kind of functionality used by professional commentators on pro gaming circuits, and is now made available to Call of Duty® fans everywhere.

Q: Will the CODcasting feature be available in all modes of play?
A: The new CODcasting feature is available for live gameplay in Custom Games and local play, allowing players to commentate matches with friends in real time. It is also available for commentating League Play and Public Match games through Theater replays.

Q: What is the live streaming feature?
A: Live streaming is a feature that will be available in League Play and will allow players to broadcast gameplay from their perspective to viewers on the internet.

Q: Can everyone live stream using the in-game feature?
A: The feature will be subject to certain limitations, including for example: meeting the minimum required upstream bandwidth on the streaming player’s network, meeting the minimum required viewers of a stream, and availability of server network capacity. Stay tuned for more information on this feature in the near future.

Q: Who will broadcast the live streams (where can I view the live streams?)
A: Live streams will be viewable on the internet. No partners have been announced at this time. More details to come.

Q: Will live streaming be included in game at launch?
A; We will be announcing more about live streaming, including feature release date, in the near future.

Q: How will you address players attempting to use live streams to cheat in League Play?
A: It will not be possible to use the game’s live streaming feature to cheat in League Play, as there is always a brief delay between the game and the live stream.

Q: Can I CODcast and live stream a game at the same time?
A: There is currently no functionality to simultaneously CODcast and live stream using the in-game streaming feature. Live streaming will be available in League Play; CODcasting will be available via Theater replays, Custom Games and local play.

Remember, there will be another livestream TOMORROW, same time:

SOURCE: CoD Forums

  • Nick

    Any idea if you’ll be able to hear player audio when you cogcast while using theater mode?

    I know you can while doing it live but i’m not sure if they mentioned this.

  • Mmkay

    quick scoping looks even easy than mw3 cant they just make it like cod 4/ waw I’m really tired of getting stuck with kids in a Lobbie who make our team fail because they whould rather quick scope than capture an objective

  • Dhgf4m0us

    At least they are making an effort to get us excited. Infinity Ward was like here’s a trailer that took 2 days to make. enjoy the multiplayer when it comes out and then never talked about it again

  • Assdhkytt

    Who cares if they quick scope if ur such a greasy try hard form a party or a clan and go camp ur objectives but seriously don’t complain about others having fun