Game Mode: Hardpoint
Map: Yemen
Weapon: Ballista Sniper Rifle and Tac-45 Pistol
Video Length: 10:19

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Map: Turbine
Weapon: Type-25
Video Length: 10:31

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Map: Cargo
Weapon: Type-25
Video Length: 9:48

***** MORE VIDEOS AFTER THE BREAK (will be updated throughout day…) *****

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Map: Aftermath
Weapon: M8A1
Video Length: 10:10

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Map: Aftermath
Weapon: SVU-AS, SA58, Skorpion EVO 3, AN-94
Video Length: 7:31

  • MoRT
  • Brandon

    TONS of Black Ops 2 gameplay can be seen here:

  • Amazingbynature

    Watching gamescom stream and it is confirmed panic knife is still possible, you do not need to equip it, must be when you have no weapons equipped it shows know, but it does not need to be out to be used.

    • Hunter13

      Dude there still in Alpha. There testing the game still and asking people for opinions on what they need to fix before release. Panic knifing isn’t going to come back, David Vonderhaar and Mark Lamia confirmed that yesterday. Look at there twitters if you don’t believe me. Mark Lamia Twitter is (Treyarch Studios)

    • Sivert Olsen

      Vahn said in an interview that there is different types of knifes depending on how you utilize your 10 points in CaC. So I think we’re seeing one type atm.

  • guest

    Doesn’t anyone else think there are a small variety of weapons in BO2, even in comparison to MW3. There are hardly a selection of weapons in this.
    The campaign even has more weapons than the multiplayer. -_-

    • DRB Gunz

      I dont think they even revealed all the weapons.

      • Ryan Callihan

        could mean possible gun DLC…

        • Korflock

          yeah, release half of the weapons with intentions of getting more money for releasing the other half through out the year.

          I really think that there are going to be more weapons.

  • Mart Wow

    Watch on my channel the full livestream of today!

  • BBSX
  • Recon Is Done

    Decent QS footage , glad to know its back !