All Weapons, Scorestreaks, Perks (2), Attachments shown.

Lobby (4 Player Teams Death Match)



Perk 2



Pistol Attachments

Assault Rifle Selection


  • forza

    I like the way it scrolls through the guns and attachments.

  • lMattW

    Specialist is shown? Where?

    • xAzerZ

      Think they mean the class named specialist. 🙁 want specialist and ballistic knife from the old games

  • Eighttwelve89

    Everything looks very fluid. Also, the music sounds awesome.

  • Hunter13

    Such a step up from BO1.

  • xAzerZ

    Think they mean the class named specialist 🙁 want specialist and ballistic knife from the older games 🙁 looks awesome though

  • SD :(

    :O Why does one of the most interesting videos have to be sub HD >:[

  • Tirumalav

    Treyarch doesn’t disappoint.

  • Deathjr96

    Broken now, anywhere else we can see it?

  • zombies

    DA fuq only 4 pistols?

    • Ljyensen7

      no there is 10 if you look at the the top right corner of the pistol picture

      • Winner

        no because then he would be hovering over the 7th pistol in a line of 10 but there are defiantly more than 4

        • Vascuez

          you both obviously didn’t watch the video cause there are 4 or well at least 4 unlocked at the time

  • TylerCage

    No gun camo?!

  • BO2 is terrible.

    Tiny selection of guns, no camo for guns or your avatar, copy/paste black ops killstreaks ‘n such, and tiny box or circle maps with no direction or asynchronous design. It’s an arcade game that I wouldn’t pay a quarter for…