COD casting OPTIONS:

  • Lol, the guy at the beginning almost said “Black Socks” at the beginning lolol XD

  • lMattW

    I’m watching Vonderhaar answer questions and a couple of notable answers:

    – Hardline adds about 20% to the score you earn toward streaks.

    – His explanation of why they removed SoH is weak IMO. SoH modifies your character not your gun. And even with SoH they could still modify the reload time of individual guns. This isn’t to say removing SoH is a bad decision, just that they are not explaining why it’s a good decision very well.

    • Alan

      SoH does modify your gun as it allows you to reload the gun faster. Vahn is getting rid of and gun modifying perks and since SoH speeds up reload time of a gun, it affects the gun

  • Ryan Callihan

    If Elite is built in to BO2 so heavy, why haven’t we seen anything about it yet?

    • Vordb

      Probably because this Alpha build of the game is designed to show off the new core game mechanics – namely Score Streaks, Pick 10, and the League Play/eSports stuff, and all of the bells and whistles like Elite integration and customization options like gun camos or titles/emblems won’t be added to the game until late in the Beta stage of development.

      Alternatively, because Beachhead Studios is still working on their side of things and it just wasn’t ready with at least two more full months of development time.

  • Mmkay

    Hoping for a wide open map like hazard also does turbine remind anyone of a less open afghan