Gamescom is over for us and it’s been utterly exciting and chaotic. On day 2 and 3, we started of the day off by rushing to the Black Ops 2 booth to avoid all the lines (queues) as it was the first day open to the public. After getting more and more hands on experience, our love for this game increased a considerable amount and our passion for Call of Duty couldn’t have gotten any bigger. You need to play this game to understand what we’re talking about..

After hanging around the massive Black Ops 2 booth and getting to know some Activision staff and discussing Black Ops 2 with them, we had a once in a life time opportunity which was to have a social evening with Mark Lamia, David Vahnderhaar (Developers of Black Ops 2 at Treyarch). It was an amazing experience getting to know them better and discussing Black Ops 2 in depth along with various other things. We discovered just how great and appreciative these incredible people are.

We decided to gather all of our INTEL over the weekend, so this coming Monday be sure to check out the site for more in depth and detailed posts.

Also, seems like we keep getting bombarded on twitter with the same questions on these topics:

-Weapon Camo
-Hardened/Prestige Edition (if any)
-Details on Emblem Editor
-Details on Combat Training

Treyarch has big things planned for everything mentioned above, it will probably be revealed at a later date.


  • Hou5eR

    hopefully soon on the special edition details because 2 months will go by quick. i would hate to not be able to preorder one if they are in such limited demand.

    • DJVahn

      There are alot and I mean alot of people that are waiting to pre order based upon an announcement of a hardened/prestige edition. My guess is they will announce it after a Zombies announcement. They could be waiting because a perk to those editions may pertain to Zombies.

  • Tim Burg

    Honestly I hope they don’t release a hardened or prestige edition. Leave the game on a regular level and focus on production and elite 2.0 integration

    • These two things have no relations at all. Collectors editions are determined by ATVI and 3arch, then it is only ATVI producing it the boxes/etc.

  • HEYcowboy

    Confirmed this evening on Live Stream By David Vonderhaar: The Emblem Editor will return bigger and better in BO2 😉

    • De_nylon_badmuts

      Would it not be fantastic if there was a weapon camo editor as well ?? Creating your own camo’s and complete challenges for special ones ( gold etc.) That would be so awesome to have imo

  • Guest

    2 pic translated
    Show us your MP skills and win acces to the Black ops 2 area.

  • TechUnity

    They better show soon. Black ops has to be dramatically different in order to earn my money. Between The Last Of Us, Paper Mario Sticker Star, and the new iPhone, Black Ops 2 will have to fight hard.

  • InnocentBystander

    im keen on hearing combat training details 🙂 also curious about the gun camo’s, my theory is there is none but replaced by charater clothes customization as seen in MP reveal, just a theory, dont be going off your trees lol keep the mews comin CI

    • Combat Training details are coming soon. Treyarch ‘isnt ready to reveal’ that yet.

  • Technical Difficulty

    Oh and how about the cod points?

    • No COD Points in Black Ops II.