The Create-A-Class system in Black Ops 2 has been reimagined and redesigned which makes it better than ever. For the first time in Call of Duty, the Create-A-Class system has been changed to the “Pick 10” allocation system.

The Pick 10 allocation system is essentially a way of giving the player the freedom to do whatever they want in Create-A-Class and come up with so many different combinations. Within the Pick 10 system you get 10 points to spend on whatever you want to have in that set. Everything in Create-A-Class is worth 1 point each and a player can spend these points on whatever they wish.

The Create-A-Class has the standard layout of “Primary Weapon, Primary Weapon Attachments, Secondary Weapon, Secondary Weapon Attachments, Perks, Lethals, Tacticals and finally the all new Wildcards”. Now you can have a standard Create-A-Class loadout like we have seen in all previous Call of Duty games but if you want to take full advantage of the Black Ops 2 Pick 10 system you can make some very strange but awesome loadouts.

Example Loadout using all 10 Points:
MP7 – Primary (1 Point)
Reflex Sight, Fast Mag – Primary Attachments (2 Points)
RPG – Secondary (1 Point)
Lightweight – Perk 1 (1 Point)
Cold Blooded – Perk 2 (1 Point)
Dead Silence – Perk 3 (1 Point)
Semtex – Lethal (1 Point)
Concussion x 2 – Tactical (2 Point)

This an example of a loadouts using all 10 points, but no Wildcards, but what happens if I want a Wildcard? It’s simple I could simply exchange my RPG (1 Point) for the Wildcard Primary Gunfighter (Gives the players 3 attachments for the in Call of Duty history, 1 Point) but still I have used all my 10 points so I can’t use my 3rd attachment, again I have decided to sacrifice 1 Concussion (1 Point) for the Silencer attachment (1 Point).

New Loadout after changes:
MP7 – Primary (1 Point)
Reflex Sight, Fast Mag, Silencer – Primary Attachments (3 Points)
Lightweight – Perk 1 (1 Point)
Cold Blooded – Perk 2 (1 Point)
Dead Silence – Perk 3 (1 Point)
Semtex – Lethal (1 Point)
Concussion x 1 – Tactical (1 Point)
Primary Gunfighter – Wildcard (1 Point)

Wildcards are a brand new feature to Call of Duty and especially in the Create-A-Class system. Wildcards allows the player to expand on their loadouts even more and give the player the ability to enhance their guns, Lethals, Tacticals and perks.

• Primary Gunfighter — Allows a 3rd attachment for the primary weapon.
• Secondary Gunfighter — Allows a 2nd attachment for the secondary weapon.
• Overkill — Take a primary weapon as your secondary weapon.
• Danger Close — Take a second Lethal.
• Perk 1 Greed — Take a second Perk 1.
• Perk 2 Greed — Take a second Perk 2.
• Perk 3 Greed — Take a second Perk 3.
• Tactician — Take a Tactical grenade in place of your lethal Grenade.

  • Dhgf4m0us

    This create a class system is never before seen. yet BF fanboys feel they have to say that it is the same game

  • Hou5eR

    Im very excited about this…loadouts got boring in mw3 now i can experiment and see what works best for me individually. and ‘m assuming this is the first of many articles going up today 😉

  • Warmachine9207

    I wonder if i use danger close with c4s I will get 4?

    • Lolwut

      You only get one C4, just like you only get one flash and stun.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    i think i would have the
    Scorpion evo iii with laser,silencer. 3 points
    kap-40 1 point
    ghost 1 point
    scavenger 1 point
    dexterity/deadsilence 2points
    semtex x2 2points
    10 points total 😀

    • HEYcowboy

      You need the wildard called “Primary Gunfighter” for a 3rd attachment 😉

      • HEYcowboy

        no sorry, my mistake you have only 2

    • Lee

      But in order to dexterity and dead silence you would have to spend another point on a wildcard. So you’d have to sacrifice something.

      • Lee

        in order to have* sorry.

        • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

          then i’ll take out semtex…

    • Lee

      He would need perk 2 greed.

      • Lee

        Oh and danger close. sorry for repeated comments,

  • Whatdoyouthink

    Will Danger Close allow me to have C4 and Combat Axe together? Or does it only allow you to double up on whatever is in your Lethal slot?

  • CJ Dayum

    I hope they still have gun camo’s and reticle customization. They shouldnt get rid of that stuff.

    • LiquidCourage311

      Reticle customization is fine with me as long as they get rid of the stupid ones. Yin Yang and smiley face reticles are stupid in my opinion.

  • LiquidCourage311

    I’m going to rock:

    Tar21 silenced and fast mag +3
    Ghost +1
    Cold Blooded +1
    Scavenger +1
    Dead Silence +1
    Semtex + 1
    Concussion +1
    Perk 2 Greed +1

  • J James98

    Can u earn points? Probly a dumb question?

  • God1933

    how many attachments do you get without primary gunfighter? 2 or just 1

  • Acannnizzo

    can u just run a pistol with an attachment an perks and junk