Black Ops II MP was revealed at Gamescom last week, and lots of information was given! If you missed any check our MP Details page for info!

Here’s a round-up of @Treyarch’s and @DavidVonderhaar’s tweets on Black Ops II MP:

  • One unlock token per level. Unlock item of your choice from small [selection], but [choices]increasing as you rank up, sized list.
  • When using the Danger Close WildCard to get 2 lethals, it ‘Has to be the same’ lethal.
  • When using the Tactician WildCard to get 2 Tactical, it ‘has to be different’.
  • For Round-Based Dom, each round will be around 5-6 minutes.
  • CODCasting isn’t allowed in public games to stop cheating
  • Score streak in S&D? “The numbers are score in BlackOps 2. Not XP. You don’t get 500 score for a kill.”
  • Player can control whether or not a turret is AI or user controlled.
  • They have thought about making score streaks per class based, but it wouldn’t work well with Pick 10 system
  • No plans for a new Community Manager
  • Shock Charges can stick to walls
  • Score Streak meter resets when you die.
  • Trophy System is returning as a Tactical Equipment
  • Emblem Editor details + Prestige details coming in a few weeks.
  • They haven’t 100% confirmed which game modes will be enabled in multi-team format
  • You have to spend a point to remove the sniper scope

SOURCE: @Treyarch & @DavidVonderhaar

  • Sam

    Sucks that you have to spend a point to remove the sniper scope. I would like it to be the opposite. Spend a point to put a scope on it

    • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

      yeah but then quickscoping would then be a serious problem, worse then now, be glad that they’re still adding 1 hit kill guns, that’s as far as i’ll take it

      • Sam

        Making you spend a point to put on a scope wouldn’t make a difference to the quickscoping. It would still be the same as it would have been in the game anyway.

    • Yeah, I agree. I also don’t think you should have to spend a point on the select fire switch. Each weapon should have the same firing options as their real world counterparts. They are not all the same. This would also give the weapons more personality. But I do understand they are trying to get people to use all weapons, and not just a select few that are the most effective.

      • MeWithLove

        The select switch changes the chosen function of the gun. apparently the M8A1 was verified to have more damage in burst mode. For someone like me who isn’t a fan of the semi auto assault rifles (FAL, MK14) I think this is a good way to get better with a gun and adjust to my play style. not to mention the tactical advantage added to your favorite gun. Select switch only gives the gun one other fire mode. Whatever the semi auto gun was in the demo could only change to full auto.

  • Askmeagain

    Where did the trophy system confirmation come from?

  • David

    and PC will get FOV changer build in 😀

  • sam

    I’m glad that the streaks reset and the emblem editor is back, just like the old Black Ops. Now, if we can get some info about zombies.. it would be vunderfall.

  • Oldnrusty22

    I really hope they make scorestreaks class based.

    • ??anonymous??

      When I am playing MW3, them I switch class for the second round, my streak totally resets, even if a change my class back again before the round end

    • They are not.

  • Lolwut

    Trophy AND smoke grenade! A Domination soloist flag capping players’ dreams come true!

  • Crenshaw

    Great Ideas! So glad they took that support airstrike bs out of Cod. that was a feature for garbage players! Thanks Treyarch! Score streaks being class based would be fine..but it would be okay if it wasn’t as well.

  • ??anonymous??


  • Jweavwashere

    Any news on rage quitting deterrents or a Nuke/Moab like streak?

  • Maverick

    So far I like everything, but the scorestreak thing. Depending on my create a class load, I have different streaks chosen. They could at least make them like they are there own classes, seperate from the create a class. Have 5 slots for different score streak loadouts. Choose your class, then choose your scorestreak set up. That way mid-match you can change one without changing the other.

    • David Vonderhaar has stated that they did consider this, but he said it wouldn’t work well with the Pick-10 system as then you would need points for streaks as well.

      • Maverick

        He stated the MW3 system wouldnt work where each class had its own set of streaks. My idea is a separating the create a class from the scorestreaks. For example you have 5 “create-a-streak” slots independent of the create-a-class. You can make 5 different loadouts, your first one is your default setup every match. Then on the fly in matches you can change your scorestreak loadout just as you change your create-a-class. That way you have the options to change depending on your class, and how the match goes. But you are not locked into one setup, or your setup doesn’t change when your class changes like MW3. It allows more maximum customization, and should have zero impact on the “pick 10” system.

  • Sj460

    Id love to know please if you can have two claymores under wildcard. Thatd be great