Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar recently revealed/teased via Twitter that we should be getting more Black Ops 2 info in approximately “4-5 weeks”.

Still no word on exactly what will be announced, however Vonderhaar’s reply was in regards to “Wager matches, combat training and other multiplayer info”.

The Official Treyarch twitter account also recently confirmed that we’ll be getting more info on the new Prestige System in approximately 3-4 weeks.

SOURCE: @Davidvonderhaar and @Treyarch

  • xCreepx


    • Soon.

      • James K


        • Details on Zomibes. Coming soon

  • Oneofswords

    I wanna know when are they gonna tell us about the hardened or Prestige edition!!!! They really are waiting unusually long.

    • That’s ‘soon’ according to them.

    • Boscokirby

      It’s confirmed that Prestige edition will be called Elite edition.

  • Mmkay

    Wager matches are now known as party mode

  • We will probably find out more at the GameStop Expo on August 29th, 2012.. So, that will be exciting!

    • Activision isn’t 100% ‘supporting’ GameStop EXPO like they were supporting Gamescom, but we’ll see soon.

  • Zombies?