Sledgehammer Games has announced that a MW3 demo for Xbox LIVE will be launching, tomorrow, Aug 23rd. The demo will feature the MW3 Manhattan mission ‘Black Tuesday’. This mission takes place in New York, with you fighting through the streets. You are tasked with destroying a radio tower, and gunning a helicopter…and..well we won’t say anything else as it is action packed!

According to Sledgehammer Games, info for PS3 fans is ‘coming soon.’


  • Zarky

    A demo now? :O

  • Macrox25

    That’s a bit late isn’t it? I would rather have preferred a demo from BO2 even if it would just be a single level that takes 15 minutes. Just to get a taste. MW3 isn’t worth buying at this point in time because BO2 improves on it by a huge leap. The singleplayer also isn’t worth the 40 or so dollars/euros that Activision is asking for it. It’s only 5~6 hours long.

    • SHGames has confirmed it was their decision because some people haven’t bought it, and they want to give people opportunity to play it.

      Mark Lamia confirmed that NO beta will ever exist for BO2 because they don’t have enough time to make a beta and release the entire game as well. The beta would be useless because it would be a very old build and not have accurate updates.

      • Williamfoster0123

        And also the game will be out in three months so by time the beta comes out the game will be out

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        havent the ppl ever heard of renting… or asking a friend to borrow… c’mon… they should make a demo… before a game comes out… but noooo activision are plain stupid ….

  • Adam Nord

    I’m so goddamned confused its not even remotely funny

    • Romeo Alpha

      Your not the only one… :/

  • stealth69

    MW3 is dead why will anybody want to play it now

    • It is a single player mission only demo. No where close to relation with MP

      • Grimer

        yes but the demo is to try to get people to buy the full game

  • James K

    What took them so long?

  • Stevenkingpope

    IW is fuc*ing dumb really lmao late

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      i agree… they did the same thing for mw2… with the ice mission… god sometimes these pll are retarted of what ppl really want