David Vonderhaar revealed to NowGamer that new, fun game modes called ‘Party Games’ are coming to Black Ops II. These are similar to wager matches, but since there are no CODPoints in BO2, they cannot put wager based games.

Vahn said to NowGamer: “In Black Ops they were called Wager Matches, and there was the ‘gambling’ component. But those somewhat oddball, out-of-context, just kind of fun game modes are actually going to make a fairly significant return in Black Ops 2, as what we call Party Games.”

“Party games is how we think about that – we think about them as you and I just goofing off, having some fun in this arguably slightly silly game mode. We love making those game modes, and they’ll be a part of this game too. They just don’t have the mechanic of gambling in them in that way, because there are no CoD points.”

Vahn went on to say that they couldn’t reveal everything at Gamescom, and Party Games isn’t/wasn’t part of the reveal there.

More details on Black Ops II are coming in the coming weeks, and we should expect more on this game type then.

SOURCE: NowGamer

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Glad to see they are bringing back the matches, even if they may be a little different. Will be interesting to see what they bring back from BO, and what they bring from MW3 (Please Bring All or Nothing back, that is one of the few good things in MW3!)

    Oh, and the title needs fixing, it says wager Watches, instead of Matches.

    One other thing (yes, I got a lot of things to talk about), are we gonna be getting any info on the 3rd Wave of the Pre-order bonus soon? Its supposed to release in 4 days, but I know when the 2nd Wave was coming around release time, we knew it would be Nuketown like 3-4 days before.

  • John Carroll

    The third wave will be announced 8/26/2012 this coming from a manager at my local GameStop.

    • Friendo

      Wow, cool thanks for the inside tip!

    • You can also find that out via gamestopblackops2.com

  • Mitch

    You know what they should have done with CoD points? This:
    – You earn CP by playing matches like BO, but you only get 1% (100XP=1CP)
    – CP can be traded in for XP. 1cp=1xp when traded in
    – You can get big amounts of CP by playing wager matches (wage 1000cp, first place gets 3000cp means 2000cp profit).
    – You can wage up to 20.000cp at a time, meaning you can win 40.000cp in one match!

    • Crumeo

      This is actually a really good idea. The idea of gambling XP makes a ton of sense in a world where that is the hottest comodity.

      And for those who dont want to risk it, they can just straight up trade it in for the standard amount of XP.

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        who doesnt like the yellow number popping in our screens… its addicting 😀

  • Pulse II Caos

    OMG!!! I actually thought of that idea months ago, I even called the idea party games. How strange. And that multiple team death match idea. I think Treyarch are coping my ideas? Anyway, I think it should have it’s own ranking system, give it a bit more of a reason to play it, rather than just fun. Maybe gamble xp but as a percentage of how much u have alltogether. 50 levels and u gain rewards for ranking in these modes like: u get a golden balstic knife, crossbow and tomahawk, for sticks and stone, for getting to level 50. Challenges for it as well like: complete the whole gun cycle in gun game in less than 7 minutes for 7000 xp. Anyone like my idea?

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      tbh… not bad… but i wish ppl would hear this… also i like how party games… are still like wager matches… just not gambling cod point, but xp… it would be nice like in bf3 the co-op mode you get gun unlocks… so ppl know you played the party games and earned it…

  • JP

    I hope these are part of the online community right off the bat, unlike the MW3 versions of some of these game modes (One in the Chamber and Gun Game…) who were only available in Private Matches before becoming a community playlist. That royally annoyed me.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      i wanted to try the team jugg… but hmph you know IW… pure garbage… treyarch innovates, IW recycles… damn tree-huggers

  • Mmkay

    Infection with actual zombie models instead of Russians with tac knife

  • Gangles1

    Who’s the retard that wrote this –
    “… But since there is no CoD points…”

    It’s supposed to be “But since there are no CoD points”.

    Who hires this illiterate monkey?

    • haitham

      Who really cares? This isn’t an english essay.

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        yea …but its a blog that millions read it… might as well make it professional…

    • Thanks for catching that. Fixed

    • Sgt. Steel

      Relax champ! It is not that serious. A spelling mistake is nothing. Charlieintel brings us the best COD coverage around. So climb back into your cave troll!!

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      lol, this comment reminds me of my english teacher…

  • Ricardo

    Good. Now people aren’t going to get pissed about losing their points!