According to Se7ensins (Via VG247), a Neversoft employee supposedly leaked what their studio is working on, and it appears to be Modern Warfare 4.

This is basically all that was said, “It’s another MW game. There’s something called, ‘Drone Survaillance’. They’re working on ‘HALO’ jumps (High Altitude; Low X.) There is a level under ice. There is cloaking tech. Somethin called a ‘Dominator UAV’.”

-Drone Survaillance
-HALO Jumps (High Altitude)
-Level under ICE
-Cloaking Tech
-Dominator UAV

This is just your latest rumor round up circulating the web. There is absolutely no evidence to support any of this other than Se7ensins has a pretty good track record so who knows. We wouldnt be surprised if they’re working on a “Modern Military” game however theres always the posibillity the sub-title could be renamed in order to start a new trilogy.

Neversoft has already confirmed they are working on a Call of Duty game, however nothing else has been confirmed. No confirmation on what system its for or if they’re teaming up with another studio.

SOURCE: Se7insins Via VG247

  • Corey

    I love COD, but this is getting retarded. Let’s just take the thing to space and be done with it.

    • Like Halo? Lol

      • Deraj

        Not like halo, it’s a specialty troop that jumps from high altitudes most likely a campain mission

        • Corey

          That’s not what I was talking about at all. I’m talking COD Moonraker style.

      • Halo never went to space, the only time you;re in space is in the beginning of halo 1/cutscenes, and halo reach for one short mission.

  • Yora

    I want to see COD under water

  • Michael Lau

    theres a spelling error, “somethin called a “Dominator UAV”

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      no man , he’s talking slang.. like like ugh? what up.. not what is up.. or dog… but they say dawg 😀

  • Cris

    Halo Jumps? That’s not cool.

    • Black ops 2

      You do realise that halo jumps are a millitary term for parachuting out the back of a plane. Nothing to do with the game by bungie

      • Korflock

        You do realize that you spelled realize wrong.

        • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

          you do realize its a comment not english homework…

          • Korflock

            You do realize that learning the English language usually translates into using it properly.

            Also, You* It’s*.

          • You do realize you’re getting annoying?

          • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

            you do realize he’s right

  • Guest

    Impossible, Activision said there isn´t going to be another MW game.

    • No they didn’t. They haven’t said anything like this.

    • Urnotgonnabelievethis

      Theres is going to be another modern warfare in modern warfare 2 when ghost died some people didnt believe it so they asked the head director at infinity ward they he didnt die and we will know why soon I think ghost is going to be the main character and the us is the enemy or vice versa us is good and ghost is bad this is a guess so dont hate I hope ghost becomes as cool as woods

    • It’s just a leak, they never confirmed modern warfare, just a new cod game.

  • Adam N

    Just as long as infinity ward doesn’t try to sell another call of duty, we should be in the clear. I mean how bad could it be…

    • The Flash

      its called MW4, and it could easily get worse

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        its just a name , i mean treyarch made mw series… they would make the best

    • IF (IF) this leak is real, it might be a IW/Neversoft co-dev game

      • Imaguest

        Well, Mark already confirmed they’ll be mega busy in 6 months time in a tweet about 2 months ago – and confirmed that they’re working on another COD game.

        I reckon the next game will be a IW/Nevasoft game and that Sledgehammer might go back to their original COD spin-off title before they came on board with MW3.

        I find it funny that IW requires co-devs but Treyarch are pulling crazy stuff out of the bag on their own.

        • guest

          IW needs co-devs because everyone left/fired. If the original IW team created MW3 nobody would even be thinking about treyarch.

          • ^this, that’s the reason mw3’s multiplayer didn’t feel finished.

          • Dhgf4m0us

            Butttttttt they didn’t. So Treyarch is the shit.

  • FuzzyPooka

    This is plain stupid.

  • Gfxdutch

    nobody want’s another modern warfare! Modern Warfare 1: Great Modern Warfare 2: Great
    Modern Warfare 3: Sucks!! Modern Warfare 4: NoBody is going to buy it!

    • ??anonymous??


    • What? Well people won’t buy it because of it’s name but it might be a great game, i think they should rename it though, it’s made by a totally different studio now it’s 4 companies making cod! which means they will release yearly. or even less.

  • lMattW

    Hmm, I had heard somewhere that Sledgehammer was working on a CoD as well. I figured that 3 studios would be good giving more development time.

    As for the content, I think another Modern Warfare would be pretty cool. It should be kind of a prequel, showing more of Macmillan, Price, Ghost, Zakhaev and other characters back in the 90’s.

  • Hunter13

    Halo Jumps? Please god tell me that’s not true. IW are getting lazier and lazier but I can definitely see them going to the future since BO2 is going 13 years in the future and it seems like CoD wants to compete with all the futuristic games out right now but for next gen consoles. But please IW, stop with the MW games, they suck dick! except for COD4. Learn your steps from Treyarch.

    • Guest

      HALO/HAHO are acronyms that describe methods of delivering personnel, equipment, and supplies from a transport aircraft at a high altitude via free-fall parachute insertion. HALO (High Altitude-Low Opening) and HAHO (High Altitude-High Opening) are also known as Military Free Fall

      • Hunter13

        I get it.

  • Aron Vicencio


  • Korflock

    Tony Hawk: Modern Warfare 4

  • Jake

    I was bored last night and I looked up MW4 and found the original site that posted this leak, and i went to and laughed my ass off

  • ??anonymous??

    I hope this game doesn´t have anything to do with modern warfare series, I want a new saga, with new characters and stuff, but with Ghost, the game should be awesome if it has ghost

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      is it bad if they make a moder warfare serie prequel of the character Ghost? like halo 3 odst?

  • Stop bagging out IW, the real IW developers (Almost all gone) gave you the cod series, Developed the Tech that all cod developers are using, invented all aspects of the cod series – perks, create a class, kill streaks etc. The new IW was only recently completely restaffed. MW3 needed SH and Raven because IW lost most of its main staff because of the West and Zampella dispute, so we wont know the new IW’s full potential untill their next game where they should get a full developement cycle! with a full team.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      IW is really what made cod.. the were the first to make it in 2003…

  • Jacol

    God please NO! Cloaking Tech? HALO Jumps? I hope it’s giant troll and fake, if it’s true then this is going to be more than worst cod game ever.

    • How are halo jumps and cloaking tech bad?

  • Shadowking58
  • Arnaud Delby94

    Maybe IW is doing MW4 for PS4 – Xbox 3 and Neversoft MW4 for PS3 – 360

  • bellninja1

    These rumors are getting earlier every year and the excitement for the new COD is getting shorter every year.
    November 13th 2012- “Black Ops 2 is awesome!!!!!” Best game every!!!!”
    November 14th 2012- “Black ops 2 is boring… MW4 has Lag comp 2.0 HURRAY!!!”
    November 15th 2012- “So… MOH: Warfighter came out…”

  • KwP Thornbush22

    the modern warfare series is the most popular series in call of duty ever. The black ops series isn’t even close, I know they only have 2 games for it, and another on the way but the fact that the black ops series isn’t as popular as modern warfare series is true!

  • Toamastar15

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! not another one!!!!

  • MeLoNhEadSeb

    Halo jumps and Cloaking Tech? Are you serious? Oh God… this is gonna be awful…

  • Burns

    I think it’s just a new cod, not Modern Warfare

  • Andrew Westbrook


  • Xbox122344432334

    plz not another mw game they have done loads in the last 3