UPDATE 2: Official Call of Duty: Black Ops II Facebook page has posted this picture with the caption: “Dan Bunting, David Vonderhaar, and the rest of the Treyarch team have been working on something special. Look what’s dropping tomorrow.” That picture is the care package for the Prestige Edition… We’ll have the details tomorrow!

Original Story:

GameStop has revealed that Prestige and Hardened Edition of Black Ops II at the GameStop Expo Conference [currently happening now in San Antonio, TX].

Prestige Edition of Black Ops 2 will feature:

  • Remote-controled UAV Flyer (presumably modeled after the Quadrotor Drone).
  • Exclusive in-game upgrades.
  • Exclusive Zombie Maps.
  • Nuketown 2025.

The whole deal comes packaged in a replica Care Package. No details on the Hardened Edition revealed just yet. And no pricing has been announced

Activision also hasn’t confirmed anything at this time.

UPDATE 1: GameStop has just released a press release regarding the Wave 3 promo which mentions the Prestige Edition..



  • fantasyphil

    awesome! we just need a few more details and price!

  • The Flash

    noooooooooooo why zombie maps

    • ??anonymous??

      noooo²²². If special editions have no extra zombie maps, them most of people
      wouldn´t buy it

      • The Flash

        many people dont buy them anyway the lobbies will just be empty if there BO maps which i hope they are then im not bothered as ive bought them once and am not getting them again

        • ??anonymous??

          Personally I only play in solo 😀

  • Matt I55

    Cool, a in game upgrade…. i bet it will just be another shitty implement that will make the game unfair to the players that didn’t get it or its just some shitty emblem/title.

    • ??anonymous??

      I hope it be unfair 😀

    • Zetheo115

      dude dont you play treyarch games they never let the players down

      • ??anonymous??

        3ar FTW 4EVER

  • Some White Guy

    No elite membership!?!? Hmm… i guess they want you to pay the $150+ another $50…

    • Cregavitch

      “Exclusive in-game upgrades” maybe that’s it?

      • ??anonymous??

        Hope its it

    • ??anonymous??

      I will only buy hardened because of extra zombie maps

      • Johntay Vera

        can i still get the exclusive zombie maps in the hardened edition?dont want to miss out..and i don’t want to buy a quadrotor…just zombies..

        • Amatama13

          The only difference between hardened and prestige is that hardened doesn’t have the actual care package or the quad rotor
          Yes you still get dem zambie maps

          • The guy who just killed you

            In the prestige you get special camos as well and you can not buy nuketown zombies later but might be able to with hardend and you get art and all that jazz with prestige as well

      • Need question mark Urgently

        Can i have a question mark _ < see i need one!

    • Andrew J. Abraham

      What if you already pre-ordered the standard game for $59.99 at Best Buy or could you use that same pre-order and change it to Hardened/Prestige edition?

      • jmmcg


      • JohnClark_R6

        Yes you can change your pre-order.

    • Hardened Edition….

      I think they want to make us buy both, hardened edition for zombie maps and elite subscription for all the upcoming dlc (and some of them will be zombie maps and maybe at the end we might get all exclusive that hardened edition had) if so it would be better to get just elite. To tell the truth I hate Elite cause ps3 guys have to wait for a whole month to get the damn new maps and if you have ps3 without elite subscription it takes for ever to get the map packs. I wish they could change that.

      • P2W_xz_Havoc717

        Bit of info for ya, PS3 get all the dlc 1st for black ops 2 b4 360 this year, they stated that last year, so cheer up son!

        • Mmkay


          • JohnClark_R6

            He’s trolling. They actually renewed the deal with Microsoft so xbox will still get ALL content first.

        • Bschoie En

          no xbox get it first

    • bob

      elite is free for black ops 2

  • ??anonymous??


  • ORB1T4L

    Remove the quad-rotor and you get the Hardened Edition 😉

  • Nikzvby

    Lol exclusive ingame upgrades? I’m foreseeing alot of people bitching about this!

  • Pulse II chaos

    Sounds great! I want the details for the hardened though!!

  • Again, this info comes from GameStop EXPO 2012. Activision has not confirmed or commented on this information just yet.

    • Andrew J. Abraham

      What if you already pre-ordered the standard game for $59.99 at Best Buy or could you use that same pre-order and change it to Hardened/Prestige edition?

      • Stfu

        Why do you keep spamming this question you fucking halfbred? Yes!!

      • Lewisbowers

        Yesm you could go to the store an dupgrade, Thats what im doing:)

        • Drew Gilreath

          How much is the harden edition:)

  • Zippyzeppe

    I’ve heard you get an elite membership with hardened

  • Jman7310


    • Daniel Sims

      You can upgrade it….

      • Tom


        • Stfu

          Ask in store douchenugget

  • ESt3althFTW

    is it available for pre-order yet?

  • Gtorres

    Holy macaroni, Iv been waiting for this day for a long time (months) and its finally here, but now I’m broke UHH, I’ll mow lawns, strip, anything, but I will get that money to buy the special edition

    • Mmkay

      I mow lawns, of really wealthy people try that it’s good money!!!

    • Andrew J. Abraham

      What if you already pre-ordered the standard game for $59.99 at Best Buy or could you use that same pre-order and change it to Hardened/Prestige edition?

  • Cock

    so are they the same maps from black ops 1? if so i will never ever buy the hardened.

    • ??anonymous??

      same here!

  • sam

    I hope the extra maps are the Black Ops maps, like they did with Black Ops and WAW.

    • ??anonymous??

      Them I will not buy hardened edition. Everyone has black ops 1 maps

  • Newn3rd

    What about for pc players???

    • Xterizorz

      Dude no one cares about the pc

      • Heymum

        lol xbox/ps3 player noob

        • Idiotposteraboveme

          PC version is usually crap anyway. Let’s not argue about the Black OPS PC port, shall we?

  • Andrew J. Abraham

    What if you already pre-ordered the standard game for $59.99 at Best Buy or could you use that same pre-order and change it to Hardened/Prestige edition?

    • Jomama

      They already answer that you FuKtard

  • Nyanjose1

    CAN you preorder either the prestige or hardened yet?

  • Mewurf

    I hope cod elite comes with it cuz I don’t wanna buy this for about £100 and then pay another like £30 for the maps q_q

  • Ed

    wonder how much gamestop is gonna rake people for shipping on handling on this thing.

    • Guest

      Buy it from Amazon…free shipping.

  • Aussie

    Goddamit, $120 for standard edition, now I’ll spend $250 on prestige edition. Take my money and go

  • Anonymous

    Man I already preordered it in the fear that there wouldn’t be a prestige edition. I wish they would at least let us know if there is or isn’t going to be one before everyone preorders the regular version.

  • answerthe?

    will the hardened addition give u the same lobbies 4 multiplayer as in regular and does this give u longer cod elite if u already have it

  • WhoAskedYou

    Will I be able to get the hardened edition on amazon?

  • megaman11

    already preordered black ops 2 but wanna get the hardend edition

  • Gerardo_espinoza13

    Fuck that 180 + 50

  • Nick

    i pre-ordered black ops 2 standarded edition, and im very excited about (mainly the zombies) but i just saw how awesome the hardened edition is and i would like to pre-order that instead how can i change to the hardened edition (pre-ordered at Gamestop).

  • A pro Gamer

    how muck does it cost to pre order

  • Isaiahelvir

    If i preorderd Hardend for bo2 do i still gett all the future dlc???

  • Guilherme Breder

    what sites will sell this version (in brazil)

  • Joni Pj

    we need sniper lobys and we need the trhoing knife and the claimore bouthe toguether

  • Joni Jp

    do like b.o 1 tomahok and claimoer

  • Some guy

    How much will it Cost in the UK?

  • Justinacornelious

    I already preordered the regular version. Is there a possible way to upgrade my purchase to the collector’s edition?

  • Stewie

    I live near Worcester, MA and I went to my two local GameStops. Neither of them have the Care package edition for pre-ordering yet but they have the regular and hardened. When should I check back with them just so I know I’m not missing out on the Care package?

  • SuKhMaN -___-19

    Is Bops2 Hardened Edition Gonna Be In Stores?

  • Kathy Gannon

    please can u tell me where i can buy the black ops2 prestige edition the one with the remote control flying thing,in ireland or anywhere i can gt it shipped to ireland.ive left it to late to pre order for christmas for my son.hellllllp

  • Matthew-Panda

    Can you upgrade to the hardened edition after you pre ordered the normal game on the day it comes out?

  • Lil Marshy

    do u need haredened edition if u hav elite for the maps?