GameStop has finally revealed the Wave 3 of their Black Ops II Preorder Bonuses.

Wave 3: you have 3 options to pick from, you can only chose one:

  • Option 1: Quadrotor Avatar for Xbox || Dynamic Aftermath Theme for PS3
  • Option 2: Treyarch VIP Sweepstakes: “Enter for your chance to win a tour of Treyarch Studios, a multiplayer session with developers, and a swag bag with a signed Collectors Edition Care Package of COD: Black Ops II. And, of course, there’s more.”
  • Option 3: Turtle Beach Ear ForceĀ® X-Ray Gaming Headset contest


SOURCE: GameStop

  • Sammantha

    So stupid

    • Karanvir Saran


      • psn-sammtanius

        They should have gave us a coupon for the turtle beach thing at the very least… eould have been better. Or a zombie map

        • P Tsoraidis

          im sure they will save best for last wave

        • twistiman

          they are giving nuketown zombies god dammit

  • Koolmagicguy

    Wow. That’s pretty lame.

    • MeisseN

      Just one wave of PREORDER BONUS, man. It’s not charging you anything extra, so it’s fine to be lame…


    Don’t think anybody noticed but they said a collectors edition of black ops 2!

    • psn-sammtanius

      Yeah but only one person will won it

  • Sgt Slaughter

    “Collectors Edition Care Package of COD: Black Ops II” <- Could that be what they call the Hardened/Prestige edition this year????

    • twistman

      the prestige edition is a care package

  • Juniorechavarria1

    ill pick #2

  • Humbug

    Boooooooo. Where is mckayla maroney’s not impressed face when you need it? Pick one from items we should all just get anyway. Enter us in the drawings for pre-ordering don’t make us choose between that and another lame thing like avatar. Heck, coupon or even 2 hours of dub xp or something we can actually use is what we should get. This is not a wave. It’s a small ripple that cannot be surfed.

  • K!dD

    this is a bad wave you have a very slim chance of winning

  • Repleteorb2

    Let’s see what wave 4 gives us.

    • James K

      maybe its the contest when you win prizes base on your pre-order number.

  • Mikey Mike

    I entered for the Turtle Beach headset. Probably won’t win, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Wooki3E

    Im might choose the avatar option just cuz there is little to no chance im probably goin to win one of those contests. I rather leave with something rather than nothing

  • P Tsoraidis

    what about for canadians? theres nothing there for us…

  • guest

    Where do you go to pick between these three? I’ve been on my gamestop and power up rewards sites and I see where I preordered the game, but not where you get to choose between the 3 options?

  • Argy

    The important part is the “wave 2” bonus is still available… So I can continue procrastinating my pre-order

  • dudeitsjosh

    what happens if you choose more than 1?

  • Jwells

    Wave 4 is so stupid

  • Xup321

    I got the care package edition from eb games and it cost me 230$ and not sure to cancell what do u think