Earlier today, Treyarch posted the second Zombie teaser image [above] on their Official Facebook page.

There is no doubt that zombies will be bigger and better than ever this year, and we anticipate their marketing to be no different. In the past, Zombies has always taken a secretive or “Easter Egg” approach in terms of marketing, leaving most of the gameplay to be revealed on launch day. But we have a feeling there will be a big Zombies reveal this time around, based on the fact of how much Zombies info was revealed when BO2 was announced, and the huge innovation they’re making this year in terms of Zombies MP (rumored to be a “4z4 mode”)

As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more..

Friday’s (8/24) Teaser Image:


SOURCE: Official Facebook Page


    mmm ok

  • ??anonymous??

    So nuketown is a zombie map?

  • Zak

    I really hope that they do somehow, link zombies into Nuketown in Black Ops 2!!!
    You might be able to use Nuketown 2025 as a Multiplayer map and a Zombies map!!
    Or, Trayarch could of just been lying about Nuketown 2025 being a MP map in the first place!!! If it is zombies related, then maybe they have extended the original Nuketown map- but maybe clearing that fence that we see that leads to the rest of the street that you play on in the original Black Ops 1!!! 😀

    Who knows!!! But, whats for sure is that we are soon to find out for ourselves!!!

    • Jacob51301

      Well, Nuketown zombies, and Nuketown 2025 are different. The hardened and prestige editions give you both

  • Fernandozelaya64

    Holy shit!! Zombies in nuketown!!!

  • Xterizorz

    They have moved zombies t the multiplayer engine so we can have so much more maps and more zombies that spawn