Today marks the second time Black Ops 2 will be playable to the public. This one day event will give Call of Duty fans in San Antonio, Texas the opportunity to be the first people in the USA to play Black Ops 2. Previously GameStop only held the Expos for employees only, but this year they are inviting the public to check out games before they hit the stores.

The show runs from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (CDT)

We have a couple friends attending the show, so we’ll update this post with any pictures they send over. We’re not sure if video will be allowed, but if it is we’ll post it here ASAP.

GameStop EXPO 2012 Photo Gallery:


[nggallery id=366]



Photo Credit: @Gamer360Girl(video) @Rule_Two_ @JDawg512 @SwgrJackr

SOURCE: GameStop

  • Billy Brewer

    I will be at the event today as well. Hoping to get some pictures and videos of the gameplay if Activision/Treyarch will allow it!

    • Mmkay

      awesome I doubt there will be anthing new though, but if you put it on YouTube il check it out

  • Devin Wolfe

    does it matter if they allow it or not yo ho ho and a bottle of rum i say

  • J N

    anyone noticed that these gameplay pictures are new maps??

    • fleabag323

      I was thinking that at first, but I’m pretty sure they’re all Aftermath.

    • Vordb

      Nope. Aftermath, Cargo, Yemen, Turbine. Same maps as the Gamescom build.


    dat ass