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Game Design Director of Treyarch, David Vonderhaar, has discussed more Black Ops II MP info with Joystiq.

Here’s a summary:
-“Wager matches are now party games and they’re part of the core experience.”
-“Combat training was separate, and now it’s integrated.”
-Re-dicusses Score Streaks & Pick 10 system info
-League Play has placement matches to get your skill level; then places you in a certain division
-(Re)Details Live streaming & eSports CODCasting features
-18 players max at once
-‘TAC-45’ has been renamed to ‘FNP-45’ (which is the real name of the pistol)
-Tar-21 and Vector K10 seen at the end.

SOURCE: Joystiq

  • ORB1T4L

    All hail Charlie !

  • Matt I55

    That Vector,and Tar-21 looks awesome!

  • Adam Nord

    where was the crossbow?

    • Mmkay

      When there is only 27 sec left pause

  • Ryan Callihan

    Anyone notice how the Type 25 seemed to have a digital weapon camo on it?

    • Mmkay

      yea it looks great

  • Mmkay


    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      Vector k10 and tar 21 😀

  • HeadshotMachine

    damn the graphics are great.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      yet ppl still complain right? from black ops… the graphics actually improved… well for us

      • Electron

        i think bo2 graphic will improve alot on pc than console. 😀

  • how is the skill based match making mode going to work? because most of the games i loose are not because of me but because most other players suck and wont play the objective.

    • Ed

      i think it was in medal of honor in 2010 where it gave you a skill level number based on certain factors in a match, like kills and deaths, and then matched like numbers in a lobby. it’s got to be something along those lines, but, that’s just a guess.

      • James K

        I believe it is based solely on your W/L raito.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      im just like this guy…

  • Giovanni1289

    Crossbow bolt explosion and sign at the very begining of the vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • ESt3althFTW

    notice the tar 21 and vector k10 gameplay 🙂

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      the vector is so good, just like mw2 😀

  • Double M

    This game is looking incredible. Can’t wait for November 13th,

  • While watching the gamescom gameplay I noticed a submenu in private match called BOTS. Could that be the comabt training integration

  • Afdsafsdadfsas

    new map…

  • Afdsafsdadfsas

    also team defender is back at 1:00