On the latest episode of OneOfSwords Podcast, David Vonderhaar made an appearance and answered some MP questions.

-There is NO Last Stand, NO Second Chance, and NO Final Stand in Multiplayer; only in Zombies
-Score streaks: If you have a UAV, unused, and get another UAV, you will only have ONE. If you use your first UAV then earn another one, you can use it.
-Create-a-Class unlocks at Level 4
-Highest Level per prestige: 55, which means you have 55 unlock tokens by then. There are more than 100 things to unlock so you cannot unlock everything in one prestige.
-Right before prestiging, you can choose ONE thing to carry over
-Aggressive style actions (ex: Capturing a Flag in CTF) gets you more score points than a kill in CTF game mode. Same for other objective based modes.
-If you remove all 10 points, you always get a Combat Knife
-Emblem Editor: MORE layers, more control over colors. More info coming at end of September
-“Revenge Voice”-hearing the player you just killed. It is ON in Public Games. Option to on/off in Custom Games
-Scoreboard shows Captures, Defends, etc.
-Score values keep changing in their builds. Changed 3 times since Gamescom.

SOURCE: OneOfSwords

  • lMattW

    Even after listening to that podcast it’s not completely clear how the unlock tokens will work. My impression was that by P10lvl55 you’d have everything unlocked, but if you can only carry over 1 item to the next prestige that means you’ll only have 65 items available to use by P10lvl55, and there are over 100 items.

    • on your last prestige u will get 55 tokens for each level which will unlock all other items

    • Exact, and maybe even a clearer explanation and more info on the prestige system is expected in 2-3 weeks

  • deagleful

    So wait, does that mean you will never be able to have everything unlocked even if you reach max level and prestige?? thats sort of bullshit since it will mean i will have to decide pretty early when im prestiging the stuff i want to unlock so i dont end up wasting unlock points on something i never use again

    • on your last prestige u will get 55 tokens for each level which will unlock all other items

      • Miguel Torres92

        So let me get this straight. On prestige 10 everytime i rank up i get 55 tokens. Means by lvl 55 i’ll have
        Wat3,080. Yes i multiplied. I don’t understand. Too complicated

  • The Flash

    the bit about zombies intrigues me there

  • Elektrobanq

    I remember that “revenge voice” feature in MW3. Is there really any point to it besides hearing how pissed off the guy that you just killed is? I find it annoying when I am playing a game of Search, kill someone, and then hear him call me a dirty n-word. Revenge voice is too disruptive. I hope that they provide an on/off toggle for public games as well.

    • Argy

      I found it useful for finding out what they said to their teammates. “He’s over there!” or “He’s hiding in the corner” let me get up, move to where they wouldn’t see them, and kill the rest :3

    • You can just mute the enemy players. Why are you making such a fuss? Unmute them in the lobby if you want to hear them. case closed!

  • Duncar61

    i asked a few times on twitter about the earned scorestreaks stacking so am glad to finally get an answer.

    • Argy

      I think it is a sad answer though… my favorite thing to do in Black Ops was stack up care-package score streaks (so care package, sentry guns, and valkyrie rockets) and then just start calling them in at the end for Sh*ts’n’Giggles.

      • Looking4ward

        Yeah i know exactly what you mean that was one of my favourite things to do as well stack up a whole bunch of care packages and get like an army of rc cars and towards the end of the match just call it all in hahaha.

  • Looking4ward

    A theory I have is that when you prestige the items you unlocked during that prestige don’t stay locked on the next prestige , the are unlocked however you have to reach the same level you had to in the previous prestige to be able to use them again? I hope someone can understand what I just said. It makes more sense that way I think considering in an interview I watched David Vonderhaar said there would be like 5 or so options to choose from when you get given a token

    • Argy

      That’s what it sounded like to me too, though that makes me a little worried because the only way to make 550 items unlock-able would be to make each attachment for each weapon unlock-able or to make it they camo’s count as well…

      • Ed

        i’m thinking 15 prestiges, not 10. unless someone has confirmed 10 already and i just missed it.

  • The Thinker

    Okay Maybe it’s just me BUT I do not get the Prestige unlock system. I understand you get 55 tokens. You prestige you get to keep one item. Now that means that once I reach 10th Prestige Level 55. I will 65 items. 10 from the prestige journey and 55 from the level. How will I get all 100 or so items??? The only way it makes sense is if at 10th prestige level 55 they automatically unlock everything. This whole ” you get to keep one item” makes no sense. If you ask Vahn. He never gives you a straight yes or no answer. That makes me nervous.

    • MeisseN

      Nobody ever tells you there’s gonna be only 10 prestiges :DDD

    • Like a boss

      They give you 13 things to start off with ( One perk, One gun, One secondary and so on ). If you also add up the 3 free scorestreaks, thats 16. 55 + 16 is 71. If you also add the 10 times you prestige, and 81.
      But, lets be honest. Your not gonna like EVERYTHING in the game. Theres going to be tons of guns/Secondary your not gonna like. Including useless/Crappy Equipment/Tactical.

  • Miguel Torres92

    Search 1tomread1 on youtube. In one of his latest videos, he explains it far more how the unlock system will work

  • Stevetaylor1981

    It’s really simple u hit level 4 u unlock create a class level 5 u get a token each level to 55 as u progress u can unlock certain items. When u prestige u can unlock an item to use straight away (lvl4) the items u unlocked will be available when u reach that level but u will be able to unlock a new item at each rank but your previous unlocks will still be available. So to unlock all items u need to pestige once

  • Hallajouja

    Are there going to be gold guns pls reply.

    • Help

      I don’t know can someone answer this?