Infinity Ward has announced that ELITE Drops 19-21 will be available September 6th for PS3 Elite Premium members.

ELITE Drops 19-21:

  • Special Ops Mission: Special Delievery
  • Special Ops Mission: Light ’em Up
  • Game Mode: Special Ops Chaos Mode
A release date for Collection 3 Chaos Pack for PS3 will be announced next week, (via @candyslexia)

Infinity Ward has also (re)confirmed that ELITE Drops 22-24 will be available September 5th for Xbox LIVE Elite Premium Members

ELITE Drops 22-24:

  • MP Map: Gulch
  • MP Map: Boardwalk
  • MP Map: Parish
Collection 4 Final Assault, which includes 5 MP Maps, will be available September 6th for everyone on Xbox LIVE for 1200 MSP.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • Ray’

    will this be the last drop for Xbox?

    • Yes sir!

      • Stbearns

        I thought elite premium got these earlier than everyone else?

        • Stbearns

          Scratch that. Read it wrong.

        • IncredibleMink

          Yup! One WHOLE day!

  • Mmkay

    well decommission was horid in my opion and the oil rig map had a bland layout, over 20 maps so far and I only like three of them not getting my hopes up…

    • Argy

      Agreed… InfinitelyBored is surprisingly bad at making maps now…

    • NEON

      3 maps? I only like Overwatch for gameplay, Off Shore, Overwatch and Black Box for how cool they look, and the only Spec Ops mission that I enjoyed was Kill Switch. As for Face off, the only one good for gameplay was Aground and that was free. The maps this year feel rushed and was not worth the year of elite that I got with the hardened edition 🙁

  • Argy

    I think the only one that looks like it might be decent is Gultch. The two that came out already were the same old, same old crap we’ve already got and Boardwalk and Parish look like the same old, same old crap they’ve been putting out.

  • Adam Nord

    did anyone else notice five guys playing a carnival game on boardwalk? Its like the ones where you use a gun that shoots water and have to hit a target to race your player across the screen. I DOUBT any one will actually try those in a public match…

  • Ed

    drops 19-21 are just a complete waste of a months drops. if anything, they should have given the multiplayer maps before the spec ops missions. most people play the spec ops once and are done with them. at least multiplayer maps are used more. not that they are good or anything, just used more.