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A couple of days ago Danger Close Studios invited us out to PAX Prime in Seattle to check out their recent multiplayer build of Medal of Honor Warfighter. It’s no secret we’re huge fans of military shooters so we jumped at the chance. We went in not knowing what to expect, and we had no idea we were about to be blown away.

Before I begin, let me explain my thoughts on the franchise and also why you’re reading about another game on a ‘Call of Duty Blog’. 2010’s Medal of Honor was a valiant attempt at rebooting the franchise by entering modern warfare. I had real high hopes, but was ultimately disappointed by the final product. The campaign was as stellar and as authentic as you can get in my opinion. However, the multiplayer component was a train wreck (and thats putting it nicely). So as you’d expect, I was a bit worried about how their second attempt would pan out. Having said that…

…forget everything you remember about 2010’s Medal of Honor, because Warfighter’s only similarity is the name. Right off the bat, you can tell their second attempt was built from the ground up. Frostbite 2.0 is present and it shows. From lighting to destruction, playing this game on a PC is as close as you can get to “Next-Gen”. Weapon detail and sound fx are on par with Battlefield 3.

If there’s one way I can describe MoH Warfighter, is that it’s “Call of Duty running on Frostbite 2.0” and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is great news for any Call of Duty fan, Battlefield fan’s might have different opinions. Everything a Call of Duty fan would expect is there. Small maps for fast gun on gun gameplay. Ranks and unlocks. Even killstreaks (except they’re called “Support Actions”). In total we had about 3-4 hours of playtime on 3 different game types:

Sector Control (aka Domination)- 3 Flag points on the map, holding each spot gives your team points.
Hot Spot (aka Demolition)- One team Defends while the other team tries to plant.
Homerun (aka Search & Destroy Capture the Flag)- 10 Rounds with no respawn of Capture the Flag. However, a flag capture gets your team 2 points while eliminating the team in a round only gets your team 1 point.

Everyone at the event seemed to agree that Homerun was their favorite play type. It brought in the most cheers and taunts while playing by far. Danger Close mentioned that they had E-Sports in mind when they were designing Homerun.

Danger Close approached map design the same way DICE did with Battlefield 3. Gigantic maps have been “split” to accomodate each play type. For example, playing Homerun on “Bosnia”(a dark map) will have a completely different layout if played on Sector Control. Basically, one setting, three different maps.

While everything we played was great, there’s still no telling how long the appeal will last. In the demo we were restricted to default classes and there were no ranks or progression in the build we played so it’s still up in the air. I’m sure everyone will agree “Ranks and Create-a-class” were a MAJOR factor on Call of Duty’s success.

We also spent about an hour with the Xbox 360 multiplayer version. Graphics and framerate are almost identical to the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3. So if you liked BF3 on consoles, you’re gonna like MoH Warfighter also.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you plan on picking up Medal of Honor: Warfighter when it hits stores on October 23rd for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We’ll leave you with some random facts we learned while playing and during our Q&A:

Warfighter will be taking over Battlelog in October; so stats and platoons will be present for Warfighter.
Developers are fully aware the community is demanding Battlerecorder and/or a Spectator mode; unfortunately they said gameplay is their main priority so current status is unknown.
“Lean” will be available on the PC version.
Guns sounds were recorded 3 different ways: “indoor, outdoor, and midrange”.
Melee attacks head-on are similar to CoD; sneak up from behind and melee attacks are similar to BF3’s stealth kill.

You can read more about Medal of Honor Warfighter on our second blog feed: MOHblog.com


    I bought MOH in 2010 played it less than 30min got pissed of with it took it back to gamestation and got my money back then waited for black ops 1 which blew MOH out of the water, this looks a lot like MW3 i’m not rushing out to buy this till i tried the demo 1st,

    • Yeah they’ll need to win people back after the 2010 version. At least rent it. Ill be buying for sure though.

      • PHAT PETE

        A few of my mates are getting MOH then week later trading it for New Halo then week after that trading that in for Black Ops 2.

        Myself I’m getting Assassins creed 3 over this.

  • ??anonymous??


    • Im a little biased LOL. Too soon to answer since both games were in a beta and needed work. Ill tell you in November when both games are finished

      • Paulnharris78

        So what do u prefer out of mw3 and bf3? Since both games are out

        • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

          i think he would say mw3…

  • Idiotposteraboveme

    MoH is like the Pepsi of FPS’s. Looks good on the outside, but utter disappointment on the inside.

    • Its nothing like 2010’s version. It might not be for everyone. At least give it a try or rent it if you like Call of Duty

      • Idiotposteraboveme

        I personally have no intention of getting MoH. SSDD, for any FPS you play on Xbawks.

      • Paulnharris78

        If u rent it do u still have to buy the code to be able to play online?

  • FuzzyPooka

    CoD clone… Or CoD? My opinion of EA has dropped even lower.

    • Theyre just going after the fast gun on gun gameplay market

      • Stevetaylor1981

        It’s not a Market it’s a style of play that they are ripping off it is a cod clone that I won’t be wasting my time with if it feels like bf on console no way that game sucks on console

        • kh21

          you do realize that CoD didnt invent fast gun on gun gameplay right? They may have popularized it beyond belief, but they didnt invent it. Also, youre an idiot.

          • But they did invent killstreaks, and a lot of the stuff this game has.
            If this didn’t have killstreaks it would just be bf3 close quaters… we all know how that is :/

  • Klaypex

    what means “lean” for the PC version?

    • You can lean around corners to stay behind cover

  • Arhshelby

    I felt that Battlefield 3 was terrible on the console, frame rate sucked and graphics felt like a cartoon compared to MW3. I was excited for this MoH game until you said it was simular to BF3 on consoles… 🙁

    • You are crazy

      Did you PLAY MW3?

  • Klaypex

    so we know graphics are the same like BF3 on console. but how about the controlls? are they smoother then in BF3. i hope so cause its needed for close quarter maps like MoH has

    • Controls felt the same to be honest

  • James K

    This sound good. I’m glad Danger Close is stepping their game up and trying to deliver a good MOH game. MOH:2010 was mediocre games in many ways. The game was good to play but the problems poison the experience.

    -AI was sub-par. The AI some times ignore you even though you’re practicably right next to them. I even witness the AI spawn endlessly right next to you. At least your ally A.I is good enough to kill enemies and take some of the attention of the enemy.

    – Unreal Engine 3. I admit sometimes the scenery looks good at certain parts of the campaign but at the other parts the graphics looks grim. The notorious pop-in graphics that plagues the engine, return in this game. It usually appear when you’re aiming down your gun, giving me a weird vibe. Also on rare occasions, the game slow down and sometimes even freeze! It is a good thing that Danger Close is upgrading to the frostbite 2.0 engine.

    – The lack of support for multiplayer. DICE treated the multiplayer as a guinea pig for BF3. DICE was slow to address the problem of the game, like the rampant of snipers trying to get their own cruise missile or the easy spawn camping on combat mission. After releasing two DLC packs, they cut off the support to work on their games. Since, Danger Close is inexperienced with the frostbite engine, their was nothing that they can do and the game was abandoned.

    With DICE out of the picture and with a new way to address the game, I believe that this game is the REAL reboot of medal of honor, not medal of honor 2010. I hope this game can deliver bring out a fantastic game. We’ll see when the game release on October 23rd.

  • Hhh

    Damn, I was hoping that since the maps in Warfighter are gonna be a lot smaller than in Battlefield 3 that the Xbox version of the game would look a little better than BF3’s sub par graphics (not that it doesn’t look amazing on PC).

  • Matt

    Warfighter looks amazing. I cant wait for the campaign and multiplayer.

    The only problem with the game isnt the game, its EA and its lack of complete advertising for this game. It needs much advertisements in the last month and a half till release

  • Barnukung

    this is a call of duty blog
    im disappointed in u guys

    • Sorry to disappoint. The article was comparing MoH to Call of Duty though. Not to mention we always cover the competition. Just like we reported on MW3 vs BF3 pre-order comparisons last year. Dont worry though, all future MoH news will be on MOHblog.com

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        man victor, f that asshole… i know you probably made a face when you read it… i love all these games… man put fucking metroid in this blog .. i would still read it… also this website is on my homepage… i know i love this website a lot 😀

        keep up the good work man 😀 xD 😛

    • Idiotposteraboveme

      You uppity asshat. :/ It’s his blog anyway.

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        lol asshat xD i loled at this comeback 😀

  • Ed

    moh 2010’s campaign was awesome. hopefully warfighters is as good or better. multiplayer was horrid, and it’s pretty easy to say any effort in warfighter would be better. “homerun” sounds pretty cool, though.
    i’m a little sad to hear in one of the comments that the controls also feel like bf3. that is a major flaw to me. i’ll have to check out a friends copy before i buy it.

  • Mmkay

    I would rent but you know ea and their online pass code sigh:(

  • LiquidCourage311

    When BF3 was coming out everyone was saying that it had what it takes to dethrone COD as the top military shooter. Ultimately, that wasn’t the case. Do you think this game stands a chance? I would like to purchase it but my game time is limited. Last year I bought Arkham City, Rage, BF3, and MW3 which all came out relatively close together. I played the first few games until MW3 came out and then never touched them again. I don’t want to do that again. Would you suggest waiting until a price drop or do you think this game has what it takes?

    • I don’t, it has nothing that cod doesn’t already have, (besides the better graphics)

      • Hunterio13

        I agree. It looks like a mix of CoD and MoH into one game. I’m not to impressed to be honest.

  • Ggffhj

    Looks rubbish

  • Hunterio13

    This game should just be called “Medal Of Duty” or Call Of Honor” since it seems like they are trying to push towards the fast gun play CoD has. Ever since CoD came out, EVERYONE (That involves FPS games) has been trying to take in the same gun play, but yet fail. You can tell from the trailers that’s what there aiming for. An look at BF3, when they started advertising that game they said it was going to be the CoD killer but then again failed. A heads up for EA. Don’t stuff words in your mouth until you have beaten CoD’s purchases. Until now, keep your words to yourself. Every year CoD gets more and more fans and BF and MOH do as well, but comparing the community of CoD to BF and MOH, its by far a lot more and there just going to gain more and more every year. Don’t hate guys, im just explaining what I feel EA is trying to do.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      this guy makes sense… i totally agree 😀

      • Hunterio13

        Thanks man!

  • Jamesr-85

    It’s a matter of opinion really. As far as controls go. My buddies and I play BF3 on PS3 and are going to do coverage on play throughs, squad tactics (in this case, fire team), and communication. We have a clan known as ‘ATC Clan’ on YouTube, Reddit.com, and Facebook. As a member, I can say that I’m glad I stumbled across these guys who are very passionate about what they do. Check’em out!

  • Tommy6e1

    Too many breaches . Other than that enjoyed immensely