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Feast your eyes on these screenshots of the 3 new MP Maps available now for Xbox LIVE Elite Premium.

SOURCE: @famousislive

  • Charlie B

    Gulch has surpassed my expectations and has overtaken Downturn to be the Worst Call of Duty map ever made….

    • Mmkay

      I’m downloading right now, I thought gulch might be good but dammit so pissed about buying elite

    • OnThEdGe1337

      You are forgetting Liberation;D

    • MeisseN

      All maps suck in CoDMW3.

  • Shadowking58

    But Boardwalk is an amazing map!

  • MeisseN

    High-res, but still 800×600 graphics lolol

  • Hunterio13

    High Res my ass. I think its funny to how there is someone with a name that says “Black Ops 2” lmao.