IGN has posted new videos of the shoutcasting feature of Black Ops 2 MP. The info in the videos was already discussed at Gamescom, but there is new gameplay featured. Below is a interview with Vahn talking about the features of Black Ops II MP.


  • Inno Rossato-Bennett

    Anything new?

  • Shadowking58

    what if they make the Strike Force missions playable in co-op?

  • Idiotposteraboveme

    -They’re still playing with the alpha build, but it was announced it was a more updated alpha that’s different from Gamescon, so a few things have changed and we most likely won’t see anything until release, or until the leaks happen from people who get the game early.

    -Assault Shield takes two hits to kill someone and seems remarkably better than the Riot Shield in MW3. I am honestly willing to compare it to the MW2 Riot Shield.

    -STILL next to zero shotgun action outside of maybe 13 seconds of one of the Gamescom streams.

    -That one guy who got hit with a shock charge, it seems to have lasted a second longer than the Gamescom streams. Could be wrong about this one.

    -One gun got a name change I think. Can’t seem to find any hard evidence if one of the Assault Rifles got the change or not. Hard to tell.

    -Hybrid Sight seem the ‘go to’ if you’re willing to swap from midrange/long range combat.

    -Dual Mag looks awesome. Wonder if Scavenger will allow the Sleight of Hand effect to extend more than one reload. Doubtful with the word ‘dual mag’.

    -Heard something about disabling Spectator Mode. I really want Spectator Mode in this game to work and from what I can tell with Gamescon, and this, I can tell they’ve put a lot of work into it. I will be disappointed if I can’t join a random game just to Spectate and watch people play to get interesting ideas for Class builds, sneaky routes to take, or anything else that’s interesting.

    -Speaking of Spectator Mode, I hope they allow us to view E-Sports related streams through Black Ops 2. Perhaps through the Multiplayer menu.

    -Glad to know not all Assault Rifles have the same ammo count before reloading. I imagine it falls down to, “What stats do I need to make this work? Do I want to swap ammo count for higher recoil and a bit more damage?” To be fair this seems easily countered with Extended Mags.

    -If you have the Engineer perk, you can see enemy killstreams with the Quadrotor Drone. I imagine this is possible with other killstreaks as well.

    -Speaking of Engineer, wonder if you can Flashbang to temporarily disable enemy items, get close, rehack them, and get away before the enemy notices. Or do I have to get on the ground and crawl slowly towards something in order to make it friendly to me. We’ll find out soon enough.

    -Glad to know that C4 will just as cheap and stupid as ever.

    • Idiotposteraboveme

      And to add to my post about the whole Engineer thing, after going back and doublechecking, it seems you can’t adjust enemy equipment to your favor.

      I’m curious if they will keep the Engineer effect through your own killstreaks like the fellow with the Dragonfire who saw the Guardian through the wall. Something tells me this might not make live, but it would be an interesting tactic to announce to your team mates if there is a threat somewhere.

    • kh21

      i dont really see how C4 is cheap.. i view cheap things as easy to use, and things anyone can pick up (like the acr or fmg9’s) Someone just playing can pick those guns up, and be better with them than say.. the ak47 or the g18’s. In order to fully utilize C4 you need to know the double tap x or square. And a lot of new players dont really know how to throw it very far. I still see 20th prestige people in mw3 not double tapping x or square to detonate. C4 is fine the way it is tbh.

  • Finnguy86

    Just a question, does ghost work when using the scorestreaks where you control the thingie?

    • JoseB88

      Thats a good question right there

      • Idiotposteraboveme

        Considering you aren’t moving, most likely you will show up on the map.

        • Hunterio13

          Do you know how Ghost works in BO2? You HAVE to be moving in order to stay off the map.

          • Idiotposteraboveme

            Yes. *YOU* have to be moving. Killstreaks aren’t *you*.

            I suppose to be fair, the guy who used the Quadrotor Drone was able to see that Guardian through the wall because he had Engineer equipped.