Sledgehammer Games, the Co-Developers of Modern Warfare 3, have announced that they are expanding their studio. According to SHGames, the studio expansion is helping with the new project.

“Our next project is going to be bigger and more ambitious than ever. We’re extremely happy to announce that the expansion doubles the size of our studio, and we’re ramping up the effort to fill all the new desks with brand new Hammers,” said SHGames in their blog post on their site.

As of now, no information is available as to what their next project will be, but it will most likely be a Call of Duty game. We’ll keep you updated!

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

  • Shadowking58

    maybe it’ll be that canceled CoD game they were making before they were moved to MW3

  • Idiotposteraboveme

    I think they should just….NOT focus on CoD anymore.

    • codfan

      wtf dude do should do call of duty bich

  • FuzzyPooka

    I heard somewhere that it was a 3rd Person, MMOFPS. Kind off like Planetside 2. Don’t cite me on this.

  • Corey

    I’m curious as to what developers under Activision aren’t currently working on Call of Duty games. Are there any?

    • BBSX


      Not 100% sure though.

      • Nah bungie is making an amazingly huge game right now.
        I’m pretty sure this game will be nothing like any other cod since it’s made by new developers, it’s going to be a new fps game with the Call of duty name on it, i’m curious to see how it comes out.

        • Arnaud Delby94

          Rumour says : 2013 for X360 and 2014 for PS3 (One year exclusivity for 360).
          For Bungie Game

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Dont think this is a new CoD game, considering Neversoft is rumored to be working on MW4. Will be interesting to see what more news on what their new game is

  • Arnaud Delby94

    Their Website says ” for our FIRST Person Shooter Call of Duty Team ” and if i remember correctly their game was a TPS. Are they busy with their own game or they just help Neversoft ? Wait and see

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    MW4 developed my Sledgehammer Games and Neversoft.

    Infinity Ward will no longer exist in a year.

  • steve

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