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A leaked Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay video was posted on YouTube yesterday which shows the Black Ops 2 Crossbow in action. The crossbow in Black Ops 2 appears to have a newer design compared to the original Black Ops version.

And to those people that are saying BO2 is hacked already, we say that’s nonsense considering the game is still being worked on and it was probably a developers build they were playing around in.

Activision has taken down the video.

SOURCE: uTor Engine YouTube Via Nave360

  • i5ma1l

    Seems like its bo2 stuff. But the map reminds me of Bakaara in mw3

  • FuzzyPooka

    Sticky, Sticky my darlings!!! 🙂

  • Aaron The Creator

    Here’s the link if anyone wants to watch it in action. (Its been re-uploaded by a different user so watch it now before its taken down again!) http://t.co/XbL0Ula2

    – It can’t be modded already. That was combat training (it says “setup bots” before he starts the game and has the option to change teams so bearing that in mind, you must be allowed to do these sort of changes from adjusting the game setup.

  • Has anybody noticed that in images 1 and 2, it says SEMI-AUTO, this might mean something…

    • ??anonymous??

      Are you retard

    • James K

      Its just the firing rate. Do you think the crossbow will become full-auto?

      • don’t know, but sure does leave us asking questions, you never know what treyarch are going to do next..

        • ??anonymous??

          again: are you retard?

    • Idiot

      Wow you are a dumbass. It says the firing type on all weapons. How the hell is a crossbow where only one bolt is loaded at a time going to be full auto.

      • Argy

        Says 2 bolts are loaded.

  • Mitch

    O boy BO2 already hacked? Well that was quick.

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Wahoo, cant wait to get my hands on the crossbow, never had the orginal BO, but it and the Ballistic knife seemed like the most fun weapons that Ive seen in any CoD game.

  • Shadowking58

    it’s not leaked, the gameplay is from the Gamestop Expo.

    • teocar12

      No,it is not.

  • Shadowking58

    Plus the fact that Activision took it down is hard evidence that this is legit.

    • MeisseN

      Not really. No matter if it’s legit, Activision is to take it down since this is something about the upcoming game, the unreleased stuff. Anyways how come this might not be legit, according to you?

    • ??anonymous??

      I saw the video idiot, is legit

  • shane

    New crossbow looks nice but wtf was that he had no gun and was still shooting very similar to a mw3 mod?

    • Lolwut

      Yeah it’s pretty much all the same usual exploits.

      Thankfully James is a pretty decent fellow, he doesn’t exploit stuff online, only in private.

      Not sure if that is because they can’t be used there, or if he doesn’t want to ruin the game.

      If it is the last one, then fair play to him.

  • MegaMan3k

    The game looks a million times better with the FOV set to 90.

    I hate that games always have such a restricted FOV nowadays. 🙁

    • Get it for pc then man, pretty sure it uses a similar engine which means the same commands
      /cg_fov 90
      personally i like 80-85, 90 gives me headaches and ruins my accuracy.

  • John Carroll

    Wow just to show how big of a fagget you are you upload a video of you cheating on a game what an asshole people like this should be taken out and shot

    • It’s not a cheat, they’re probably testing out there new anti cheat engine retard…. they said it would be immpossible to hack, and now they’re patching the holes.

  • Hey Cowboy

    So it’s the new crossbow !??….looks like a starship 🙁

  • JP

    Awesome! I’ve been dying to see the crossbow in BO2. SO happy it has a scope too now. I can’t wait to use this thing!

  • Regnagleppod

    I used to be a crossbow user just like everyone else, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • ??anonymous??
  • CobraG7

    it’s iHC James the same dude who leaked MW3 Terminal and Parish.

  • Argy

    I am surprised that no one has noticed it says Crossbow Explosive Tip, as in there will be other crossbow tips as well? Why go to that level detail to talk about it?

    • Idiot

      Because it said that in Black Ops 1 as well you mug, and no different bolts in sight

      • Argy

        Black ops 1 had both a normal bolt and an explosive bolt in SP. Who’s to say they won’t add different bolt types to MP when it is still in alpha build and there are community members requesting it?

        • Cosimanigga

          I am aware of that but you said it as if it was a great big fucking surprise

  • Durp

    You guys aren’t missing much.

    -Guy was using alpha/devkit build.

    -He basically noclipped for a little bit, then had rapidfire on his weapon to kill a few bots.

    -Swapped later to the Crossbow with a scope, sticking someone with an explosive-tip arrow who promptly died. A new type of medal was discovered in the process marked, “Bullseye”.

    That’s the basic highlight of it all.

    • Durp

      Forgot to add, this hack may work currently with the alpha/devkit build, but I can almost guarantee you that by the time Black Ops 2 is released, it will be patched.

      • MeisseN

        LMAO u use the word Patched… Lol I thought its for released games.

        • Durp

          Rule of thumb for alpha builds is that few things are set in stone. Beta is when 50% – 75% of things are set in stone and you can begin finalizing and bug testing.

          While, yes, you are right about the ‘patching’ leaning towards the final retail build, it doesn’t change the fact its basic meaning is still put to use throughout the process

          We won’t see a retail build until I’d say sometime in October when they’re done printing the discs and we’ll be seeing plenty of leaks, including zombies in the coming weeks after that

          Devkits are a completely different story however.

  • Finnguy86
  • pul2ple

    Watch the vid here:

  • Corey

    Would be nice to discuss this on the forums. I know for 100% certainty that whatever you guys are doing, I would have been able to do in half the time. I am an IP.Board veteran.

  • omega

    oh yes …im just happy i can scope it this time around (although a sniper scope would be better) .. i also hope the bolts can be switched for non explosives ..so it can be like a sneaky sniper 😀