Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar breaks down all of the new features shown in the Multiplayer Reveal Trailer.

  • Argy

    Seems a little late if you ask me… also he only talked about what I thought was obvious the first time I watched it, would have been nice to have gotten something a bit more insider than that.

    • Durp

      It’s standard marketing. Build up hype. Show a little tease here and there, then go for a nice reveal trailer coming October. *

      * = Not saying there will be one, but a good possibility.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    Tbh this was the most pointless blog update here on charlieintel … but i still love this website 😀

    • Durp

      I would hardly consider it useless. Finally learned about the shotgun, and learned what the scope on that bolt action rifle was about.

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        but c’mon they had other people who are recognizable through the internet and explained everything DJVahn said including the scope and shotgun parts… this video was since what july? old news… get with the program (not rude way).. never the less i know you were explained a lil’ better through DJVahn. i’m sorry if I went a lil’ rough 🙁

  • Nayaknaya

    3 days no update?