Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar revealed over twitter that your custom made emblems will replace the team logo (I.E. SEALs, FBI, Etc.) when playing during Free-For-All gametypes. Makes sense since you don’t technically play on a team..

“Your custom made Emblem replaces the team logo on the HUD and Scoreboard in Free-For-All modes.”

SOURCE: @Treyarch

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    yeaaaahhh buudddddy 😀

  • Aron Vicencio

    Imagine the penis emblems.

    • DavidP

      AW YEAA

  • Durp

    So here’s what’s been confirmed so far involving emblems/gun customization.

    = – = – =

    1) Emblem Editor is back, and “more indepth”. More layers and more icons. I’m curious if completing challenges will unlock icons and layers as well. Will prestiging do so? What about DLC? DLC adds the option of more weapons/emblem options.

    On the note of new guns and DLC, 3arc has done it in the past but it was tied exclusively to zombies. Here’s hoping 3arc opens the floor for new weapons in MP via DLC. Perhaps the Model 1887? Maybe some weapons from [email protected]? Plenty of choices.

    2) Weapon Skins are back (Carepackage/Hardened Edition come with exclusive weapon skins) and are earned through Challenges. My question is, what kind of skins will there be? I’m hoping Gold camo isn’t too hard to earn. Will prestiging force you to lose the camo and have to earn it all over again like in MW3?

    3) No news about the ability to put your custom emblem on your gun, and while on the subject, clan tag neither.

  • ultimate pie

    Did you guys saw Treyarch’s twitter picture? Kinda looks like a multiplayer emblem for zombies :p.

  • HeadshotMachine

    but will there be character customization?