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*Starts at the 1:30 minute mark
Feast your eyes on 30 seconds of all new Black Ops 2 campaign footage which was revealed in the newest Nintendo Wii-U trailer. Plenty of driving and skydiving footage to be seen..


    New footage looks amazing! It makes me even more excited for Black Ops 2!!!

  • Black ops 2

    7th image say camoflauge hmmm…

  • Unceldolan

    Graphics are a little worse than other consoles.

  • Graphics look a lot better than shown at E3.
    But the screen shots you post here are bad, a lot worse quality, take 1080p pics.

  • Mmkay

    at 148 secs check right before the plane flys in and be amazed

    • Raul Menendez

      That’s me!

      • Mmkay

        nice hair cut lol

        • Raul Menendez

          Ohh! You flattered me! ;P

  • Roxas3510

    That mission where they’re skydiving with the jet packs looks fun, can’t wait to play the campaign.

  • CobraG7

    you guys completely missed the screenshot at 0:10 in the video.. :/