Activision has announced that ELITE Premium Memberships are no longer being sold for the time being. In a FAQ posted on, ATVI explains:

Q – Why are you ceasing sales of new Call of Duty Elite Premium membership subscriptions now?

A – Call of Duty: MW3 Content Collection #4: Final Assault marks the final content release and the end of the Call of Duty: MW3 Season of Content for Call of Duty Elite Premium memberships.

Q – What happens if I bought a Call of Duty Elite Premium membership recently?  Will I still get a year of Call of Duty ElitePremium services and all Call of Duty: MW3 DLC?

A – Yes, Call of Duty Elite Premium members will continue to enjoy all the Call of Duty: MW3DLC and the full range of Call of Duty Elite Premium services and operations for Call of Duty: MW3 through the terms of their subscription.

Q – If I bought a Call of Duty Elite Premium membership recently, will I get Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC?

A – Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC is not included in the Call of Duty: MW3 Season of Content membership.  We’ll be releasing new details soon.

Seems likely that major changes are happening with ELITE for Black Ops 2. We’ll keep you posted.


  • Roxas3510

    Does this mean that people who have renewed their memberships for another year have wasted their money? I hope they don’t pull some stunt where Black Ops 2 uses some new form of Elite that requires you to buy another membership.


      Knowing Activision thats exactly whats gonna happen…

      • Roxas3510

        I wouldn’t be surprised. All the people who could have possibly bought another year just so they wouldn’t have to worry about it when Black Ops 2 comes out have basically wasted their money unless they plan on playing clan challenges and stuff on MW3 for the next year. I wish they’d make things like this more clear. Then again, it wasn’t really a good idea to assume it would just carry over, knowing how companies like to do business. Good thing I won a code from twitter and didn’t actually buy it.


      how did you renew? there is no option to renew via elite on xbox 360 atleast.. maybe on PS3? but you can not auto renew that im aware of for xbox.. if you goto purchase it again, it will tell you that is not an option..

      • Roxas3510

        I didn’t renew, I got a code from twitter. I was glad because I assumed I wouldn’t have to buy another year of Elite since I got the code but judging from this article I don’t think that’s the case. Also, you can buy another year from the dashboard, just go to your memberships and click on Call of Duty Elite.

  • John Carroll

    Yeah it was never told that it was a season of content always touted as a membership odd activision

    • Deano099

      I dont care about map packs I bought premium for my clan, It does not run out till july 13. so I hope It wont ask me till buy another premium pack next month or im off

  • Beebo

    My membership expires in March 27th it will be useless.
    Trolled by AcTiViSion .

    • Mmkay


  • lMattW

    So apparently Elite isn’t Elite anymore. It’s either MW3 Elite or BO2 Elite. They are two completely different products. I was one of the few people that up until now thought well of Elite despite the shitty launch and delayed roll out. No more. They fucked up the beginning of the membership, and now they’re doing the same to the end of it. I am seriously thinking of passing on it this next year.

    • Lolwut

      Nope, Elite is Elite.

      Just DLC isn’t going to be included with it any more, they’re going back to map packs.

    • Murtair

      buying a season pass for one game never has and never will grant you all the content for EVERY game in the franchise.

      • Lolwut

        Wasn’t really sold as a reason pass, though. More like a subscription to a service that happens to give you DLC alongside other premium features.

        As I said below, I believe DLC isn’t included in Elite for BO2 and it will become free.

        A leak a while ago – and has so far been 100% correct as more and more info becomes known as fact – said they’re going back to map packs.

        But we already have ‘collections’ this year. And even Acti people have commented on how shitty it is to explain four different release dates.

        Not to mention the fragmentation you get on the playlists as a result.

        I’m willing to bet therefore that they know they cocked it all up and thus will ditch Elite DLC.

  • Durp

    Due to some bug on Elites end, I was given a complimentary three months for free a month after MW3 came out.

    I will most likely get Elite again if I get early access to the maps.

  • Stevetaylor1981

    It’s mad that people that tried to get one over on the elite system are upest that it’s not worked out for them and instead of saying oh well I should have known better they blame activision u guys are stupid it clearly stated that Dlc was separate to elite membership if u really thought u would get 2 sets of Dlc for the price of 1 your out of Ur mind

  • Ryanwil22

    WAIT. didnt mark lambia say elite will carry over to black ops 2? look at elite 2.0 ! THIS IS CONFUSING???

  • Owenhansen7

    so basicly you cant get elite anymore or whats going on because i could just buy it a week ago

  • Danyeal

    This Is Fucking Gay They Can Suck A Dick Cuz I Want The Elite So I Can Make A Clan Fucking Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wking1994

    So someone can create a clan that has elite since its free but can not rank it up because they didn’t purchase elite premium? I’m not understanding the concept of why they killed the sales so abruptly even if the DLC isn’t coming… I bought hardened edition on ps3 and not on Xbox but since found myself quite happier on the Xbox cause the network on ps3 is a ghetto free for all talk crap to each other about sports and conspiracies and everything other than locations and the game. So this said I wish I could find out how to get my clan kicked off since I’ve prestiged enough and knowledged enough to run one. I went to GameStop and they weren’t aware of premium being not sold in fact they still had it on their shelves but after ringing it up they couldn’t give me a code. I’m looking into this because I keep reading about this so called extension of march 2013. Well what kind of extension do you call this? I’m sorry to say BO2 is garbage and explains why so many came back to mw3. They need to do something about campers in all games or create something in the next cod game where a person will started dying if in a particular spot for to long kind of like auto red dimming screen getting harder to see or slow reaction until they get so many steps away from that spot.

  • Pissed off player

    Why would they stop selling Elite? Now I can’t enlist in Clan challenges for MW3!

  • GoDz_ToXiCaToR

    So since Mw3 premium membership can no longer be bought. How can I enlist and complete mw3 challenges for my clan without premium membership?