Not much to go on, but it sounds like we might be getting more zombie news soon. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: @Treyarch has once again updated their Twitter profile pic. Looks like another Zombie tease to us. Zombie “Perk” or “Quick Revive”???


SOURCE: @Callofduty and @Treyarch

  • Sound clip from zombies

  • The name…. it’s, ”power_on_v1.wav”…. but, notice it says v1 at the end, it could mean ‘Version 1’ meaning that we may get more versions posted, I hope so, anyway

  • ??anonymous??

    fuck yeah!

  • Lolwut

    Probably relates to Nuketown zombies – one of the books on the shelf is by Edward Richtofen.

    Also looks like a nuke cloud, but maybe that is just my eyesight!

  • Lolwut

    With regards to the update of the Twitter pic, the Zombies perks/specialties are:
    Armor Vest
    Quick Revive
    Fast Reload
    Longer Sprint
    Rate of Fire
    Dead Shot
    Flak Jacket
    Additional Primary Weapon

  • Noahabbey

    I reckon that the new perk is that when dead (not downed) you retain your weapons.