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The video link doesn’t work, which means did Activision accidently publish this page? Or is a video currently being uploaded?? Either way, a Zombie trailer is almost here…

UPDATE: Intro page has been changed back. NO zombie mention… However now a second zombie tease video was uploaded:

UPDATE 2: @Treyarch has just tweeted out the picture below

“The calm has ended – they are beginning to return.”

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SOURCE: Callofduty.com

  • Droidz-

    Or maybe a link to the ” Power_on_v1.wav video they uploaded earlier on Youtube.

  • Marcosburdo

    charlie intel you are the best source ever for call of duty bro

  • moolamister

    This is forged. With all due respect to Charlie Intel, the website can be changed to “zombies trailer” simply by “inspecting element” on Google Chrome. This is what Treyarch does. “Inspect Element” can do a lot of nifty things on Google Chrome. You can get the Gold Camo on mw3 and founder status just by doing “Inspect Element” If I was the webmaster at Treyarch, I would do the same thing. Charlie Intel is a valid website, but I am going to go with my guts and say this screenshot is fake. Here’s an Image of me “Inspecting the Element” on the trailer to show how that could be done

    • AmazingSuperHick

      It was not forged. It clearly said it on the site. Was confirmed by multiple sources including myself. So most definitely not fake

    • minker

      >”inspecting element”
      >”inspecting element”
      >”inspecting element”
      >”inspecting element”
      >”inspecting element”
      Go back in time 30 minutes you fucking jackass

  • AmazingSuperHick

    I really dont like these teasers. But this one wasnt too bad. They are teasing the sound the Screecher zombie makes

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    plz stop the teasing… whaaaa 🙁

  • stick_talal

    They said there gonna show us something Friday

  • sam

    excited as hell

  • zombiefan

    Thats definitely mystery box light going into the sky and that electrical tower thing reminds me of nuketown i swear theres some of them outside the map and the bushes as well like when you drive the rc car through the hole in the fence it reminds me of that haha.

  • Durp

    I feel like the only person completely uninterested in zombies. Doesn’t mean I won’t play a map or two, but overall, Zombies will be the thing I rarely touch.

    • Ludvig1995

      me 2 🙂


    zombies 4 ever

    • to kolari tou orakodakou

      fae poutsaaaa

  • Is this fake? cuz u can do this by inspecting the element :s

  • Finnguy86
  • to kolari tou orakodakou

    αντε γαμισου ορεστη