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Are you ready to take a ride? Black Ops 2 Zombies makes its World Premiere on 9.26.12.

Treyarch has finally giving Call of Duty Zombie fans a taste of whats to come. A week from today, Activision will reveal the new Zombies mode to the world. No word yet on if it’s another full length trailer or live stream. We’ll make sure to bring you all the Zombie news when it hits in one week. For now, stare at our countdown timer with anticipation…

  • K!LA Clan Official

    Look at those baby blue eyes

  • Repleteorb2


  • Black ops 2


  • Xs4ne

    Blue eyes from Moon easter egg, but what is XP-79?

  • Xs4ne

    Boarded up bus?

  • ??anonymous??


  • ghost

    Ok, so apparently the XP-79 is a WW2 era fighter jet. all I got to say is WTF?

    • Xs4ne

      Normally, Treyarch leave clues in their vids but this time maybe it’s a random number plate, or the nuketown one….
      the plane was made to ram into others like this bus rams into zombies? Maybe?

    • Xs4ne

      Well there was a suspicious crash they can take adv of… Someone crashed releasing 115

  • FuzzyPooka


  • OnThEdGe1337

    The zombies are wearing like medical patients clothes.
    A clue perhaps?


    Blue eyes mean Richtofen still has control of them.

  • Shadowking58

    did anyone else notice that the bus is the bus from nuketown?

    • Lau_cipceain


    • Xs4ne

      Check the license plate for Nuketown?

      • Shadowking58

        i did that… i didn’t see XP-78 on the Nuketown bus.

  • Words cannot describe how excited I am

    • Nicktooles

      i know right fuck

  • Nicktooles

    ong jizzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Lau_cipceain

    Is a zombiekiller in all of us!!!

  • Ll3

    this map is named “TranZit” and the bus will take you to all FIVE sections of the map. each section is actually the size of moon. so imagine 5 times the size of moon. and shooting up zombies on the bus will be sick

    • Vector


  • I hope it has dynamic time of day, that would be cool 😀

  • Lolwut

    This map is called Transit.

    The bus stop is the starting location of the map.

  • callofduty

    The sign at the beginning of the video, I mean the ! SKULL ! was also in Shangri-La, this means something important, also the plane that crashed could be used as an advantage as for 115 dispertion, lets add that the Earth is fucking destroyed, and that is evident, look at the sky, the floor, everything and compare it to the Area 51 in Moon when you do the Easter Egg, and those rocketa where supposed to be filled with 115, we could aslo see a green ray or actually a flash being shooted or something inside the bus, maybe a raygun, this is my theory, and it may or not may be true I hope these was helpful

  • DSR 50

    If you look closely at the bus when its leaving you can clearly see a raygun blast…… So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stick_talal


  • shane

    I was told that xp79 was the ww2 name for nova gas not sure if it’s true but the guys comment got 100+ thumbs up :/

  • jalunga

    look at 0:11 is it richtofen ?




    what time is it on and where?

  • AngryBA16

    Truth is toward the end of black ops zombies the ray gun just wasnt cuttn it anymore. Even if its upgraded. Xp-79 I heard was a jet or plane of some type. Also…..if you look at the released screenshots on charlie intel home page…..look at the bus driver! He has blue eyes but I DONT BELIEVE HE IS A ZOMBIE!
    He looks like a robot! And if you listen to the 40sec teaser trailer the voice says “All Aboard”
    It sounds like a robot or automated voice. SO COOL
    Where will the Pack a punch be? Is the bus transportation or do you stay on? Some say the original 4 characters are back some say it will be a fresh set of four?
    Will dogs be present? Old and new traps? How will the rank up system work?

  • Dennisvanaarssen

    Am I the only one noticing the weird kind of see-through wall thing on the last screenshot, the one where you can see the bus driver, on the first two zombies you can see. You can see the pattern of the wall clearly through the first zombie on the left. The second zombie on the left has some weird stuff going on as well. Am I right?

  • Vector

    i am soooo excited for this, i was playing zombs ALL last night and this morning in anticipation for this