The Tech Game has done it again. Somehow they managed to obtain 10 14 screenshots of the maps that leaked last week.

We don’t know about you, but all these maps look pretty unique and cool to us. Can’t wait to try Meltdown, Express and Hijacked.

Which maps are you excited for?

UPDATE: 4 more pictures added of remaining maps.


  • moriarty_1975

    Whats up with the pic of Array (from Black Ops 1) in the bottom left of the main pic?


      yes, these are black ops 2 ”beta” on black ops 1 pictures taken of a jtag xbox i don’t think there legit

      • Devin Wolfe

        placeholder pic

  • Some of those map icons are probably just placeholders, because some of them don’t even look finished. Like Hijacked and Standoff.


      there real, techgame is xbox hacking site.

      • Errorjack

        I was the one who posted the pictures. I took the pictures from the leaked Black Ops 2 beta w/ a force loader. I took the pictures with Xbox Neighbourhood.

        I can take a picture of all the unlockables, weapons, and such in the beta.

        • Hdhjg

          You should post pics of the maps we’ve seen at gamestop and stuff too. Might make the haters stop

          • Mmkay

            he doesent have access to actual playing only the menus

        • ??anonymous??


          • Lolwut

            They can’t play the game. Only load the menus.

            I believe some cruical map files are missing, and even if they figure it out it is only the four maps shown at gamescom and to the press at E3 that they have.

            The MTAR was not an included gun back then.

      • I didn’t say they weren’t real I said some of those map icon images are placeholders. Meaning they are real, but they aren’t the final map icons that will be in the game.

  • Hamzah Hindash

    Is that Array in the background of the very first picture?


      yes, these are black ops 2 ”beta” on black ops 1 pictures taken of a jtag xbox i don’t think there legit

    • Luis Vazquez

      I Looks Like It.

    • InfiniteAstros

      This gives me a hunch that this is really fake.

      • The Array image is a placeholder. It’s a hacked beta build so of course everything won’t be polished -.-

    • Timothy_Finder

      They used it for a default picture, you can’t select it as a map

  • I get the impression Hijacked is going to be like WetWork from COD4, I hope I’m wrong. Drone looks awesome, anything with jungles in it 😀

  • fake

    • How would those pictures be fake? The game is called Pheonix and was taken off of pnet, how are you going to be like “it’s fake’ when you see multiple pictures.

      Google it up, black ops 2 beta leaked

    • ??anonymous??

      idiot is real

    • ??anonymous?? ninja vanish

      The MP rumors(that were real) tell us about these maps. AND RAID CAN BE SEEN IN THE BEHIND SCENES VIDEO IDIOT!

    • STRIKA

      What is this?

  • Joseph

    Uses the same captions, but I think the pics are fake or at least old.

    • Ac

      Retard here

  • Genaro Ruiz

    they look dull

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      treyarch always made maps dull

    • Pre alpha. the game doesn’t release until a few months.

  • Colzer5000

    Plaza is actually Villa from BO1, these look seriously fake

    • ??anonymous??

      Its not villa check it again, its only similar

    • Ac

      Are you so much dumb?

  • Nope, they are real, they came straight from the Dev tab in maps off of BO2 beta which was leaked.

  • InfiniteAstro

    The map drown, didn’t Treyarch state that all maps are going to be based on 2025 not in the 1980. Im pretty sure theres only desert settings and not jungles.

    • Xs4ne

      Yep in 2025 there are no trees you’re right… Bcz we cut em all

      • InfiniteAstro


    • Lolwut

      so there are no jungles in 2025? Interesting. The only only map that looks ‘old’ is Plaza, which has a working title of Slums, so obviously the Slums won’t have advanced too much in terms of asthetics in 15 years!

  • InfiniteAstro

    I mean the map Drone,sorry.

  • Mitch

    Promenade, mother of god…

  • they are legit, whoever think it’s fake is dumb.

  • Xs4ne

    Hope they’ve upped the interactivity in BLOPS2 especially on the Hijacked Map imagine playing on a stationary Yacht yawnnnn I hope the trains move on express and you get hit by them you aren’t quick enough… XD

  • promenade ‘floating resort in the middle of the indian ocean’ o.O

  • Lolwut

    These are real.

    They look ‘fake’ because these are unfinished maps and the images do not have textures applied or lighting etc, it is just the basic map design.

    Drone and Plaza look a little more finished.

    Raid is the very first map we saw in the first behind the scenes video.

  • None of these look finished.

    • Lolwut

      that’s because it is from a build from months ago.

    • The Flash

      well durrr the game is still being developed

  • Brunopompeu

    where is nuketown 2025?

    • Bacon

      Nuketown 2025 is a DLC map, If the first image is somewhat accurate to actual game, Nuketown 2025 will appear under DLC tab I’m sure.

  • Incomplete

    Damn why couldnt Nightclub be in this list, i wanted to see that one..

    • Anonymous

      Me too buddie!

    • MeisseN

      Promenade, is that a nightclub?

    • Lolwut

      Nightclub = Promenade.

      The map list this site copied from that forum isn’t correct.

      The incorrect names are:
      Promenade = Nightclub
      Plaza = Slums
      Standoff = Village
      Yemen = Socotra

      • Finnguy86

        Promenade looks like a skate park…

      • Actually this is correct. Socotra is called ‘Yemen’ map – confirmed at Gamescom.

  • Booker T

    Yh but if you look at the early dev mp image in an e3 vid it had a screen of the map raid 😀
    dont know if you remember

  • AflyingteddyBear

    im excited for all the maps!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trentk2000

    Cargo, aftermath, Yemen, Drone and turbine are going to be in the game. As for the other maps… I am not so certain they are real.

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    cool maps… hijacked, drone, cargo, and promenade

  • Shadowking58
  • prionder

    drone hijack and prominade seem to be good enough

  • TheGhost983

    those seem cool

  • Guest
  • All of the maps that were not shown already look like they were done quickly and are either not finished or they are fake.

  • MrHugeLOL

    Raid Looks like a new version of Nuketown

  • Zarky

    I think this is legit, 5 of them maps I know are real

  • imaGOAT

    hijacked, overflow, express, aftermath, cargo, yemen and turbine are legit the rest we´ll have to wait