By popular demand, we have opened our ‘Official Charlie INTEL Store‘! Now you can purchase T-Shirts and Hoodies with the ‘Charlie INTEL’ logo to wear. We have plenty more designs in the works too and we’ll be sure to update you guys via twitter when the selection is updated.

The store is run by, all prices are set by the makers. This is just our way of getting t-shirts to our fans. Wear them proudly to E3, Gamescom or Eurogamer!

Also, if you’re a graphic designer and want to help us out, please email any design concepts to [email protected] But remember, NO Call of Duty images or logos due to copyright infringement, try and be creative and stick to a CoD or military theme.

*** Visit the Official Charlie INTEL Store ***


    should do iphone case with ”duty calls” on it

    • Shadowking58

      that sounds like an awesome idea.

      • Mmkay

        or a custum toilet seat cover

    • MeisseN

      LOL Duty Calls makes me think of the troll game by the dev team of Bulletstorm with the same name

  • Ste Guino

    why can’t i pay with pay pal ?? it refuses to accept it for this merchant.

  • Ed

    add beanies and i’ll buy a few of those.

  • alex

    You guys do know there is a knew teaser out right?

  • Aaron Quin

    Like anyone would actually know this site… (No offense, its just that if you wore it, people will be like “Who’s Charlie Intel?”