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Two new zombie images just surfaced via the Xbox dashboard. It appears Microsoft might have revealed early since no other news outlets have the images up yet. Everyone notice the Zombie bus driver? lol…

UPDATE: The Xbox Dashboard also has (4) new Black Ops 2 Multiplayer images as well:

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SOURCE: Xbox Dashboard

  • Paul Sablatschan

    A zombie bus driver :0

    • it’s a robot, look at the skin/texture again

      • Kbreezy718


        • ZombieBusDriver


    • ZombieBusDriver

      Thats me!


    Absolutely fantastic looking.

    • ZombieBusDriver

      Yeaaas brahhh

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Ok, major things I noticed is that the bus driver is a Zombie, so that shows that Samantha (in Richtofen’s body) Has some way to control the zombies still, so that will be awesome! Second thing is that the bus wont be a safe zone, we will still be having to fight zombies while on it (AWESOME). 3rd, notice the zombie in the left hand corner, notice how one eye is blue, and one is yellow, more proof that Samantha can control the Zombies. Lastly, in the 3rd multiplayer picture, whats up with that Osprey Gunner in the back dropping troops off? Is that just part of the interactive map or something?

    • ZombieBusDriver

      I think it might be campaign pic or maybe strike force?

    • AngryBA16

      Clearly the driver is NOT a zombie. Yes he has blue eyes BUT listen to the reveal trailer when the voice says “All aboard”
      It sounds pretty automated or robotic to me. If you look closely the texture of his face is really smooth.
      Treyarch always leaves us clues like this….but this 40sec vid isnt nearly all of it…..wait till the 26th when the full thing is out. Watch that then watch a trailer breakdown and alot of things will be surely cleared up
      Plus we are getting theatre and wager matches in zombies WOO HOO

      • Nighthawk_0430

        In response, the voice is the only thing that gives me pause, considering it does sound very robotic. However, if you go back to that 40s teaser trailer, you can see that right before the zombie pulls the board off the bus, sending it flying to the screen, you can see a shot of the bus driver, and his entire head is blood red, does not look anything like a robot at all. That, along with this screenshot, tells me that it is a zombie bus driver, and that Samantha can control the zombies

    • gateboy6

      Maybe dropping off troops is the new respawn>?


      The bus driver isn’t a zombie. The bus driver is a robot, hence the yellow, glowing eyes. This is also proven in the reveal trailer when a robotic voice says “Welcome Aboard!”. The zombie with the different color eyes is most likely a lighting bug of some kind. Samantha lost all control over the zombies since she switched bodies with richtofen. Some great suggestions though! 🙂 Also, in the second image, just above the zombies head, is rumored to be the new perk machine, Tombstone. Shaped like one, so maybe that’s it?

  • ValenciaRicardo11

    That wire going to the bus in the zombies picture does that mean we have to put gas on the bus makes sense.

    • ACardboardBox

      The wire is part of the cow catcher on the front. Easier to see if you look at the large version of the picture. However I bet putting gas into it is still a good guess.

  • Sorse

    pic 3 for multiplayer looks interesting. there’s a guy roped off the osprey. Does that mean anything?

    • Mitch

      Just saying, on Xbox, I don’t think it said it was mp. The only picture that looks like MP is the 2nd.

      • James K

        Yeah. SAS isn’t a fraction in Multiplayer and the 3rd picture look like a strike force mission.

        • Timothy_Finder

          how do you know that it’s the SAS? because of the facemask thing? there is no SAS in black ops II that’s an infinity ward thing

    • ZombieBusDriver

      It means -pukes- nombombonobomonmo

  • Aweshum!

  • ZombieBusDriver

    All aboard the zomrape bus!

    • Broncosnfl15

      haha NO PEDO BEAR!!

      • ZombieBusDriver

        No. Don’t fuck him in ass boy

  • PrimeEchoes

    I hope that first MP screenshot actually is from MP, because I want a couple of rainy maps.

  • Halo_spartan512

    want to have interactive maps like in BO1

  • anonymous?

    The 3rd MP pic doesnt make sense. BO2 will have zombies yet the player dropping from the osprey almost seems like survival mode, and unless scorestreaks have changed that wouldnt be one either. possibly a new gamemode?

    • Timothy_Finder

      It’s the V-TOL warship. My guess it’ll work just like the osprey gunner but instead of dropping care packages it drops support troops that’ll try to kill other enemies.

  • Sexy screenshots

  • Adam Nord

    Did anyone else notice the second zombie from the left in the first picture (under Blue eyes arm) is actually photoshopped into the picture, and horribly I might add. Just look at the blocks above the zombie for proof

  • jAke

    Did anyone notice Hogwarts in the background of the first multiplayer image?

    • ZombieBusDriver


  • 3221drdew

    im already sold on buying this game…….
    i dont care you dam haters i like multiplayer and the campaign and zombies fk off

  • Fionn Mcfadden


    READ: At the bottom left corner of this image looks like Black Ops map Array?…

  • Fionn Mcfadden

    3rd multiplayer map reminds me allot of Black Ops map Crisis

  • Afv

    Actually, if you’ve played it, you find out that none of that is true. 🙂