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The official Black Ops 2 zombies trailer is here! The carnage is back. Welcome to Black Ops 2 Zombies.

Joystiq has obtained new information on zombies, including the three new modes: ‘TranZit’, ‘Survival’, ‘Grief’.

  • ‘Tranzit’ – players are free to explore the big giant world in this mode. Players can move around by foot or on a bus!
  • ‘Survival’ – the more classic zombies feel. Zombie attacks the player within an areas from the Tranzit world.
  • ‘Grief’ – brand new mode that can be played with up to 8 players. This adds to the concept of Survival. There are two teams of four player dropped within the Tranzit world and fight against each other.

There also will be ‘Custom Games’ option in Zombies. Allowing the player to disable certain features and play how they choose too. Treyarch has also stated that with the Zombies being on the multiplayer engine new features are being implemented. New features include, Stat tracking, leader boards, and skilled based matchmaking.

Mark Lamia commented on the stats saying, “A lot more leaderboards, a lot more stats.”

They also have confirmed Elite 2.0 will be tracking stats for Zombies.

SOURCE: Joystiq

  • ZombieBusDriver

    I came

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      i needa ride sir… here’s 200 points sir

      • ZombieBusDriver

        Ok baby ;3

  • bryanschoonbeek15

    this will be so fucking good

  • Maxito8820


    • Nighthawk_0430

      This most likely is just TranZit mode, and Grief will include the Normal Zombie characters. or maybe, you can use either set of characters, (old and new) in TranZit, and get different easter eggs for both

  • Anonymous

    Not a zombie fan but the new modes sound sweet.

  • OvR9000

    I wonder if there are more diverse Tranzit worlds, Included with the disk, instead of just 1(The one shown)

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Well that was interesting. My main points, Notice the new characters, Im wondering if this is from the zombies campaign? and that Nikolai, Dempsey, Takeo, and Samantha in RIchtofen’s body are still in the game in multiplayer? The new modes sound awesome, will definitely be checking out TranZit a lot, along with Grief. Loved the fact that we can actually attack zombies in the bus, and actually get on top of it! I find the Assault shield addition interesting, was not expecting them to put it in.Wondering what the new WonderWeapon is, cant really tell yet. Finally, we have our FIVE locations for the map (and yes, this map is fucking huge) The diner, The bus terminal, A farm, A power generator station, and the center of town. Love it, wish it was longer, am wondering if the lava on the ground will hurt out characters. LONG LIVE ZOMBIES!

    • Remember, all of those characters are on the Moon. They blew up the Earth hence the new environment. We will probably see them in other maps and discover easter eggs about them.

    • Nvm

  • JaGeR

    Why does it matter who the characters are? its not like it effects gameplay..

  • Fer z.

    Ok I wonder if there will be another map instead of transit and nuketown!

    • The Flash

      you have 5 maps within the tranzit world, thats 6

  • Pmuzumaki0123

    Their riot shields were car doors.

  • Ac


  • Strike

    That was interesting. Cant wait till vonderhaar spills the rest of the juicy details later today.

  • Xs4ne

    WUNDER WEAPWN vehicle at the end! Slice-cycles?

  • Neon_98

    I’m sure I saw Nikolai’s POV there, and I’m sure I saw Richtofen in the background. I think because It’s going to be 4 vs 4, they’re going to need 4 new characters, so It’s the old characters with New characters!

  • NEFarmboy

    I want to know why my high games are not registering on the leader boards. I do not hack or cheat at all and neither do my friends but yet none of are high rounds are registering on the leader boards. What is up with that? It is really starting to piss us off to the point that we don’t want to play zombies anymore!!!!!!