Map: Overflow
Mode: Hardpoint

Map: Overflow
Gun: Vector K10
Mode: Domination

Video of “Express” after the break…

Map: Express
Gun: MP7
Mode: Team Deathmatch

  • Ac


  • Awesome!

  • Freshj516


  • Adam Nord

    please tell me the MP7 doesn’t fire that fast without rapid fire attachment. That is WAY to high of rate of fire. The map looks pretty awesome. I really like the vivid colors and the modern-ish feel to it.

  • PrimeEchoes

    Lol @ the dick shot at the end

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    this mp7 looks and sounds better than mw3 version.. i can imagine the gold camo…

  • samaga97

    I hope the MP7 has rapid fire on it because it seems like it spraying like crazy. And even with rapid fire, it takes a LOT of shots to kill, which can be good and bad

  • Enma248

    Dude if you go to 0:47 there is a new weapon nobody has talked about yet. The SWAT-556

    • Silencer2000

      looks like it’s just a name change for the SIG 556.

      • Correct, it was renamed to SWAT-556 for some reason. SIG-556 is the real name.

  • Enma248

    Guys, here is the crossbow gameplay Activision deleted from youtube the other day. They might take it down, so hurry and watch it. /watch?v=x_H2FI9lodY

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Am i the only one who wanted to see someone get run kver by the train? Interactive maps are awesome, would have been cool to see either that, or you and an enemy shooting at each other, but then the train goes by, and you are in standoff mode waiting for it to go by, to kill the other guy

    • Adam Nord

      that would be hilarious. I could see many stand offs now. lol

    • I was killed by the train and I laughed my ass off. Best part of the map

  • Hunterio13

    Overflow looks sick!

  • Itsasecret22

    First video says it is unavailable. I don’t know if this is because I’m on my phone or because the video host isn’t working.

  • PrimeEchoes

    Did anyone notice the FAL DSW at 1:00 in the express video?

    • me

      I think they changed the name of the SA-58 to the FAL, considering it actually is a version of it, but im so happy to see it in a video, now i just want a freakin first person view of it

      • mkd4tkurous

        hope sa 58 or fal is not like mk14 from mw3

  • zac hammo

    i think that black ops 2 will be the best yet hopefully a heap better than mw3 that game sucked balls just look at this gameplay and u can already see a good game comin out cant wait for it

  • zac hammo

    overflow looks like a very good map fuck me though in domination people will just camp for that flag and i still cant wait till we get gameplay of hijacked cant wait to see m27

  • I must say I’m disappointed to see the RC-XD return

  • Daniellodder

    They said that that people that go for objectives will get alot more points… Yet it’s not like head quarters where you get points every five seconds!!